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The Vault of Piety is where players can spend the Celestial Coins and Ardent Coins earned through Invocation (Max of 1 Ardent and 2 Celestial coins each per day, per character). It can be opened by going to the riches tab in the inventory and pressing "spend" next to the Ardent or Celestial Coins, or by clicking on the smaller circle of the Invocation counter.

Ardent Coins / Ardent FavorEdit

Item Cost
4x [Seal of the Lion] Ardent Coin1
3x [Seal of the Manticore] Ardent Coin1
2x [Seal of the Pegasus] Ardent Coin1
[Wild Storm Elixir] Ardent Coin2
[Foehammer's Favor Elixir] Ardent Coin2
[Sunlord's Gift Elixir] Ardent Coin2
[Elixir of Corellon's Blood] Ardent Coin2
[Elixir of Steadfast Devotion] Ardent Coin2
[Celestial Grace Dye Pack] Ardent Coin15
[White Horse] Ardent Coin50
[Greatsword of Kings] Ardent Coin150
[Longsword of the Protector] Ardent Coin150
[Symbol of Prophecy] Ardent Coin150
[Dagger of the Master Thief] Ardent Coin150
[Orb of the Archmagus] Ardent Coin150
[Longbow of the Protector] Ardent Coin150
[Mace of the Holy Knight] Ardent Coin150
[Pact Blade of the Infernal Darkness] Ardent Coin150
[Medium Snowswift Horse] Ardent Coin270
[Angel of Protection] Ardent Coin360

Items formerly available for Ardent Coins include:

Celestial Coins / Celestial SynergyEdit

Item Cost
[Elixir of Fate] Celestial Coin3
[Blessed Professions Elemental Pack] Celestial Coin7
[Coffer of Celestial Enchantments] Celestial Coin11
[Coffer of Celestial Artifacts] Celestial Coin11
[Coffer of Celestial Artifact Equipment] Celestial Coin11

Items formerly available for Celestial Coins include:


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