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Zen icon
Zen is an in-game currency used in Perfect World games, including Neverwinter. Note that not all Zen may necessarily be used in Neverwinter; Zen acquired through certain means, such as that granted from subscriptions of other games, are tied to a specific game.

Acquiring Zen[edit | edit source]

It can be acquired through the following means:

  • Zen can be purchased using real-world money through the Perfect World official site on this page.
    • Zen is currently priced at a rate of US$1 / ~€0.9 for 100 Zen. It can be purchased in batches of 500; 1,000; 2,000; 3,000; 5,000; 10,000 and 20,000.
      • 300 Zen are added without additional charge when a batch of 5,000 Zen is purchased.
      • 600 Zen are added without additional charge when a batch of 10,000 Zen is purchased.
      • 1,300 Zen are added without additional charge when a batch of 20,000 Zen is purchased.
  • Zen can also be purchased from other players through the Astral Diamond Exchange using Astral Diamonds. The going price for Zen is 500 Astral Diamonds Per 100 Zen.

Spending Zen[edit | edit source]

The Zen Market is always available through the HUD. Typically, items purchased from the Zen Market can be claimed at any time, regardless of a character's current location. Unlike other in-game currencies, Zen can also be used to purchase certain features and services for a player's account.

Small Icon[edit | edit source]

The small inline version of the icon (Zen) can be used in other wiki pages via the syntax {{zen}}.