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Yshiggol, the Elder Brain is the final boss of the Dread Vault dungeon.

Capacities: - Throughout the fight, five tentacles will hit around the boss. These have a very large area of ​​effect and do heavy damage. It is strongly recommended at the beginning of the battle to head to the rear of the boss. In this way the tentacles can not reach you and casters find themselves relatively safe. - During phase 1, the adds will pop any dry 40. The latter will share a link (shown in purple) with Yshiggol. (If the adds are killed while in Yshiggol's area, it will heal for 100% of the add.) (a check I am not) - Yshiggol also has a casting attack (1-2 sec) causing moderate damage. It also has an attack in the area around it where the damage of Yshiggol is relatively small and can easily be treated, the priority is to avoid the tentacles.

A fight in three phases: Phase 1, from 100% to 70%: Yshiggol uses his abilities as indicated above, nothing very special because the position behind the boss and focus the adds as soon as it pop. Phase 2, 70%: Yshiggol spawns a mini boss from another dungeon while continuing to spawn small adds. When the boss is defeated, it returns to Phase 1. During this phase it is advisable to fight back to back out of the aoe and avoid the tentacles again. Phase 3, 30%: Same as Phase 2, another dungeon boss appears. Same technique to complete this phase. Then, it remains only to finish Yshiggol. To get your loot be careful not to leave too early, a small mob will spawn in front of the boss and you must kill it to get your items. (I apologize if I made ​​some mistake but it's best that nothing ca)