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Wruz Olg'lmar

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Wruz Olg'lmar
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Wruz Olg'lmar is an NPC encountered in the Whispering Caverns zone. This character and hence his quests are not on the first map for Whispering Caverns. You have to go to the NW of the map and find the portal, it will take you to the map called Laboratory. He is to your right as you come in.
Wruz is a Drow who was captured by the Illithides. They planted a larvae in his head so he would be a host to their offspring. While Wruz holds on to control over himself, he plots for revenge against his captors. The adventurer meets him during the quest Into The Unknown. From his prison, Wruz then directs the adventurer to lead his war on the Illithides.

Quests[edit | edit source]