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Winter Festival

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Winter Festival
Location Type: Adventure Zone
Within: Sword Coast
Levels: 4-60
Simril Lantern
Twilight Tor

The Winter Festival is an event that first ran from December 19th, 2013 to January 9th, 2014. The Zenith of the Winter Festival is a period of extra rewards during the event, it occurs during the last week of the event. A second occurrence ran from December 18th, 2014 to January 8th, 2015. A third run is scheduled for December 17th, 2015 to December 31st, 2015, with a Festival Zenith scheduled for December 31st, 2015 to January 7th, 2016. The Winter Festival features various contests and activities, and the Simril Lightcrafting limited-time profession.

Come to the Winter Festival!
Come one and all to the Winter festival, the celebration of the winter solstice.

Visit the village of Twilight Tor and witness the wondrous celestial event, the Lights of Simril. Get into the festival spirit by trading fallen [Light of Simril] with other stargazers. Try your hand at ice fishing or join a race in a fabulous [Winter Sled]! And much, much more!

Come by every day for special activities and unique rewards available only once a year, including Woolen Scarves, Winter weapons, a [Dappled Riding Horse] and new companions: the [Fawn of Shiallia] and the [Frost Mimic]!

The stars are aligned for the Zenith of the Winter Festival!
Join us for the Zenith of the Winter Festival!

The stars are aligned, and the Lights of Simril are in full glow. Get bonus [Light of Simril] for festival activities and earn new rewards, including unique Woolen Scarves, and additional rewards for professions tasks.

Come by the Winter Festival, found on the overhead map, every day for special activities and unique rewards available only once a year!

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Notable Rewards
A Light for Simril 325Light of Simril
Lore of Simril 10Light of Simril
Simril Celebration (repeatable) 5Light of Simril (10 during Zenith)
Omens of the Stars (repeatable) 2Light of Simril (4 during Zenith), 1Star of Fortune, [Mysterious Fortune], [Spirit of Simril]
Simril Crafts from performing Simril Lightcrafting: [Hero's Feast], [Resplendent Citrine], [Faintly Glowing Citrine], [Lightwine]
Simril Fishing up to 45Light of Simril, [Ring of Lights]
Star Stuff (repeatable) [Starlight Voucher]
Far From Home [Flake of Blacklead]
White Dragon Gift Exchange
Refugee Recruitment (repeatable)[1] 2 [Stronghold Vouchers]
  1. This quest is offered by The Builder in the Guild Stronghold during the Winter Festival

Currencies[edit | edit source]

Simril Store[edit | edit source]

Star of Fortune Store[edit | edit source]

Activities and Contests[edit | edit source]

Rotation: 12min Ice Fishing, 3min break, 12min Twilight Run, 3min break, 12min Demons on Ice, 3min break

Ice Fishing[edit | edit source]

Fishing holes can be common, uncommon, rare or epic quality. Holes last a set number of casting attempts before despawning. Higher quality holes last fewer attempts. For instance, uncommon fishing holes last 12 attempts, rare fishing holes last 6 attempts and epic fishing holes last only 4 attempts.

Occasionally, an Unlucky Angler skeleton will pop up and attack.

Monsters on Ice / Demons on Ice[edit | edit source]

  • Frost Goblin Cutters (1 point)
  • Frost Goblin Sharpshooters (1 point)
  • Ice Troll Grunts (2 points)
  • Winterforge Rimefire Golems (5 points)
  • Hrimnir's Hand Gronkunbonk (giant) (20 points)

For the third run of the event, the monsters were replaced with Demons:

  • Shrieking Cultists (1 point)
  • Shadow Demons (1 point)
  • Barlgura (2 points)
  • Zythar (2 points)
  • Glabrezeu (5 points)
  • Plee (demon boss) (20 points)
  • Aakhii (demon boss) (20 points)

Twilight Run[edit | edit source]

Slide down the course. The glowing chevrons grant a 5-second speed buff that stacks up to 4 times, after which hitting a chevron refreshes the buff's duration. The twenty-five slalom gates are worth 10 points each. The four rally gates are 100 points each. A fast mount helps reach the rally gates within the 30 second limit. Bonuses appear as bags randomly on the course. Gold Bonuses are 200 points, Silver Bonuses are 100 points.

Lore[edit | edit source]

There are four sources of lore from the Winter Festival: the Lore of Simril quest, an inscription in the Old Temple, random constellations from the Omens of the Stars quest and random fortunes from opening Mysterious Fortunes.

Lore of Simril[edit | edit source]
  • Fishing on Glorfindar
  • Demons on Ice
  • Simril
  • Twilight Tor
  • The Twilight Run
Omens of the Stars[edit | edit source]
  • Auroth the Ice Snake
  • Eyes of the Watching Woman
  • Jassa's Dagger
  • Lavarandar's Lantern
  • Mystra's Star Circle
  • The Arrows of the Gods
  • The Sleepless Knights

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Ice Fighter: Participate in the "Monsters on Ice" event 10 times
  • Ice Fisher: Participate in the "Ice Fishing" event 10 times
  • Simril Celebrant: Celebrate the Winter Festival
  • Simril Knight: Celebrate the Winter Festival 10 times
  • Twilight Runner: Participate in the "Twilight Run" event 10 times

Zen Market[edit | edit source]

During the festival, the following items are offered on the Zen Market:

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  • Winter festival loot:
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