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Winged Wyvern

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The Winged Wyvern bridge is a magnificently crafted structure named rather fittingly for the beautifully carved Wyvern statues that stand at either end of the expanse. The Netherese Warlord, Herzgo Alegni used his slave, "Barrabus the Grey" -who was actually the famed Assassin, Artemis Entreri- to coerce the then lord of Neverwinter, Hugo Babris, to rename the bridge "The Herzgo Alegni Bridge". The glory was however shortlived as Dahlia Sin'felle at work for the Thayans set forth the cataclysm of 1451 DR, releasing the Primordial in the depths of Gauntlgrym causing an eruption which completely destroyed the city except for the Winged Wyvern bridge (which no one remembered to ever have been called anything different.) During the Eruption, Barrabus the Grey hid beneath the Winged Wyvern bridge to escape the heat and ash until discovering an escape through the sewers.

A decade later, 1463 DR Herzgo Alegni sent Barrabus the Grey to aid the new citizens of Neverwinter against Sylora Salm who sought to kill the citizens to feed the power of her dread ring in service to the archlich Sazz Tam. In honor of his service, Barrabus had the citizens rename the bridge in his honor. An intentional insult to his hated master Herzgo Alegni. Upon discovering that the bridge was now called "The Walk of Barrabus" Herzgo Alegni tortured his slave, and demanded that the citizens of Neverwinter rename the bridge "The Herzgo Alegni Bridge". This renaming was also short lived, for soon after, Drizzt Do'Urden, Dahlia Sin'felle and Barrabus-who-was-Entreri defeated Alegni, freeing Neverwinter from the Netherese.

Artemis Entreri demanded that the bridge never again be called "The Walk of Barrabus", when Neverwinter offered to return the name to honor him. The demand was tempered with the very real threat of death.