Waukeen's Strongbox

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Waukeen's Strongbox
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Container
Tag: Lockbox
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Quality: Epic
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Sell value: Copper8
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Buy cost: Waukeen's Coin Purse8
Misc Chest Waukeen 01.png

The Waukeen's Strongbox can be bought from the Truetrader of Waukeen in the Moonstone Mask.

It can contain:


Waukeen's Strongbox

Contains a boon from the goddess Waukeen herself.

This box contains one of the following:
Golden Pantaloons fashion item
8 Coins of Waukeen
10 Blessed Gold Dye pack
8 Teleport Scroll - Moonstone Mask
Up to 64,000 Rough Astral Diamonds
Profession Resources: Rare or Epic

Merchants of Waukeen trade in great wealth, by purchasing this package you are enriching trade and commerce along the Sword Coast, an act that gains adventurers great favor in the eyes of Waukeen.

No Level Requirement