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Waters of Elah'zad/Tooltip

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Waters of Elah'zad
Item Level: 150
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip

Icon Inventory Artifacts Watersofelahzad Tooltip.png

Rank: 140 (maximum)

The location of Elah'zad (if it still exists) is lost, but vials of its healing waters remain and still retain their magic. When worn close to the flesh, a philter of the waters of Elah'zad have amazing healing properties.

Healing from this artifact is not affected by PvP Healing Depression.

Recharge Time: 60s

+999 Defense
+1,002 Accuracy
+999 Awareness
Use: Heals you for 12,160 over 6 seconds and removes any harmful damaging effects such as poison.

Part of set Great Protector (0/3)
Cloak of the Protector
Greater Waist Artifact
Cragmire Artifact
2 of Set:
+500 Defense
3 of Set:
+10,000 Maximum Hit Points

Artifact of Union
No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Refinement Points150,024