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Vichorn Vrockwing

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Vichorn Vrockwing
Faction: Neverwinter
Race: Tiefling
Vichorn Vrockwing.jpg

Vichorn Vrockwing is a NPC who can be found inside the Driftwood Tavern in Protector's Enclave. He is related to Tiefling race quests and contacts the player via a letter mail.

Letter[edit | edit source]

This is the letter you receive before the quests in Helm's Hold upon reaching level 32.

An Old Blood Pact
Hello again, <name>. As you may have heard, the Ashmadai have launched a full-scale assault at Helm's Hold in Neverwinter. Your friend Investigator Rannigan has traveled to that area to continue his investigation, and my master wishes you to once again lend him your aid. You will find the good investigator just outside the Hold's gates, nearby to a dwarf named Brother Satarin.

You performed your task admirably in the Blacklake District, and my master looks forward to seeing what you can accomplish in Helm's Hold to thwart Ashmadai interests.

Best of luck,
Vichorn Vrocking

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

You sent me that letter?
Vichorn Vrockwing
Yes, that is correct. I am Vichorn Vrockwing who has been corresponding with you through my letters. You have questions for me, I assume?
Why should I help you?
Vichorn Vrockwing
You are not helping me. You are helping my master. And it is not so much that you are helping him, but that your service is being called in. As a tiefling, your ancestors made blood pacts with devils from the Nine Hells. My master owns one of the pacts in your bloodline, and it will not expire until my master releases you from it.

Ah, you are wondering what will happen if you refuse. That, I cannot say. It will be up to my master and the wording of the pact, and I am privy neither to my master's thoughts nor to the pact itself. My master is eternal, however, so the punishment may not be immediate. It may not even fall upon you, but upon your descendants. But fall it will.

Who is your master?
Vichorn Vrockwing
Tsk tsk. Asking such a personal question is very bad manners. Suffice it to say that your ancestors made a pact with my master, and you are being called upon to complete your end of that pact. Do not fear. As I promised, you will not be asked to do that would cause you to work against Neverwinter's interests.
What is this blood pact?
Vichorn Vrockwing
Your ancestors made a bargain with my master: in exchange for power, they would provide my master with their service. Your ancestors only wished for some minor measure of power, and so the service required from your bloodline was also minor.

The bargain was made generations ago, and while that may seem like a long time for mortals such as you and I, for one such as my master, who is eternal, it is but a moment. Because our lives are so short, my master decreed that the pact your ancestors made would not expire upon their deaths, but instead be passed down through their bloodline.

My master has made countless such pacts, of which yours is but one. However, you are in a position to perform several tasks that my master desires, and so your service is now being called in as described by the pact agreed upon by your ancestors.

Notes[edit | edit source]