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Hellow i got a problem dunno if anyone can help me. I am a lvl 62 devoted clerlic and my problem is that i dont get my lvl 60 quest like the quest ill get lvl 60 artifact or other lvl 60 quest i dont have any quest whit lord Never Remember i just cant find em but i noticed that i havent done all the zone quest that in the end i have to report sergent Knox but when i go back to the zone i think i have not done all the quest i cant find em ehiter i gues that it's becuase of my lvl idk but the quest is still there but the npc the i have to get the quest whit dont have the quest mark on their head like they used to have so it's very hard to find out where i dropped off the zone and got to another zone i wonder that do i have to do all the zone quest and report it to sergent Knox or or i dont have to do it. If i dont have to do it then can someone answer me what is my problem that i cant find my lvl 60 quest. Plzz Someone help me im tottaly stuck now T.T

Congrats, you successfully created your talk page. Now let's try to find out where you got lost in the campaigns. I don't have my level 60 artifact either, it is a tough quest for sure. You need at least 2 level 60 characters on your account. For example; your main character is level 62 but I am guessing your other character for this account is less than 60? Once both can visit Icewind Dale, The Vault of the Nine will be available to you. Even so the creatures in that quest are level 70. Bring the shotguns and a lot of help.
Your next issue is going back to former quests you may have skipped. I skipped around a lot myself, when you go back the quest giver might be hard to find. You need to look for them by name since only quest givers have proper names and the name will appear in gold text. They will no longer have the exclamation point icon above their heads. For example; I still have not done Helm's Hold and I am level 70. But from the list of quests, I know who I must find to get started. Another source within the game to check is your Journal, the second red tab is the Achievements. On the listing scroll down to Quests and it will indicate which ones are finished. Wendy Black 15:26, 31 August 2015 (UTC)