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I made a copy of the companion page into my personal user space to work on a new format and you will see me working on it (User:Wendylblack/sandbox) from time to time. I will start by working on the new introduction. If you see anything at all in the page that can be improved, as I work on my copy, post in the page discussion. The second section uses the template and unfortunately there is going to an issue with the new companions not having unique items and bonding slots. There is a lot of players wanting to know the companions (Offense, Defense, Utility) status and that information is not shown until we have them bound to the character. I will write a message to a developer asking, if they can supply us with a list.

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I have created a hidden page for the companion. I updated the contents I confirmed and the contents corresponding to the module 16. In addition, I have prepared pages of active powers, enhancement powers, and bonus powers.

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As the old and new information is not compatible and can not be placed in one table, it is planned that new articles will be created instead of updating old articles. Therefore, all old article names have been added with "(previous)". For the time being, I have left redirects for convenience.

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You can insert a Module 16 compliant style by creating a new page and calling the Boilerplate: Companion Tooltip. However, in Module 16, Companion Pack and Companion are separate items. Furthermore, enhancement and bonus power seem to change with quality. Companion information can not be confirmed in the Companion Pack, so we need to receive information such as screenshots. Only Wandering Scarecrow has been updated.

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Hello, I noticed you have companion_(previous) is there a current working format?

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