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Prologue[edit | edit source]

Silvane was raised by her father Misteal Stardust. Her mother, Azurial died in battle against demons, when Silvane was yet a baby. Silvane only knew of her mother's legend and was told she possessed great athletic prowess. She was a skilled huntress, archer, and wrestler, and was capable of running at astounding speeds. Her father claimed that she could run across water and chase down horses. Although Silvane knew her father was prone to embellish on the facts.

Her father, Misteal was in possession of a starblade, one of the few swords known to exist. The starblade was passed down through the family since the Weeping War. Recently late at night a drow thief broke in and stole the starblade and injured Misteal. Silvane immediately pursued the thief into the realm of Neverwinter, where her search for her father's sword continued.

The Underdark Monster[edit | edit source]

She journeyed into the Underdark not seeking the thief himself, but his kin the Drow. Using her skills, she would track several suspects at a distance then pounce. Once in her grasp, they told her everything they knew or suffered horrendous tortures at her hands. Sometimes it was a bit of both but the questions always ended in their demise. So many mysterious deaths at her hands led to whispers of "The Underdark Monster" a sadistic killer that collected their ears at trophies.

To Catch a Thief[edit | edit source]

Silvane using a disguise, dressed in a variety of Drow and Thayan armors, she spread word that she was a well paid mercenary, looking to buy unique weapons. She told her contacts that she was fond of edged weapons and would pay a commission to person who put her in contact with a seller. The ruse worked out rather well as she caught and dispatched many thieves. Then she returned the weapons to their rightful owners. If the owner was dead without kin, she would auctioned the weapon off to aid others and fund her search.