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Prologue[edit | edit source]

Banished and imprisoned in The Underdark by Livonia Darktongue, Llorna was a criminal of the highest order among her people. After surviving 17 years seeking escape, she came upon a priestess of the goddess of beauty Sune. The priestess almost killed Llorna on sight. After the fierce battle, Llorna was about to make the killing blow.

However she instead asked why. The priestess explained the order of Sune believes that which is beautiful is good and ugly things are undoubtedly evil. "And you look very ugly to me, so by your own words I should destroy you.", responded Llorna. After the priestess passed out Llorna nursed her back to health over several days. The two parted ways and never saw each other again.

Months went by and Llorna came upon the dead body of the Sune worshiper. She was badly mauled by an animal and her flesh torn from her body. "So priestess of the sun... are you still beautiful in the eyes of your goddess? If your god hears me now, lead me out of my dark prison and I will gladly pay tribute each and every day." It was at this moment part of the ceiling collapsed. Llorna fell to her knees and the sunlight streamed into the cave directly on Llorna.

True to her words, Llorna removed the body from the cave and performed a burial as described in the sacred tome she discovered on the body. She then left on a ship bound for Neverwinter.

Between a Rock[edit | edit source]

Llorna was in the market when a wizard ran in and hid under a table where she was buying potions. After the men chasing him entered she pointed at the far exit and they ran off. Turns out Effrafax of Wug is a wizard who literally bet his life that he could make Mount Hazail disappear within a year. Wasting most of the year failing to create such a spell, he hired the Duergar to simply remove the mountain. The Duergar were happy to take the wizard's gold making a few mine shafts but in the end explained the task would take much longer than a year. Effrafax decided to make himself disappear before the warchief collected on their wager. That day he found employment from Llorna as they explored the city.

For Daddy[edit | edit source]

While working on contract with the Doomguides, Llorna found single Thayan in battle with other Thayans. After giving him aid in battle, she spoke to Doomguide Volahk on Count Zorg's behalf. They explained his position has drastically altered. While Volahk agreed to grant Zorg amnesty, Zorg was never embraced by the Doomguides. During a skirmish in the graveyard, Count Zorg resurrected a soldier from his grave. Llorna admonished him and then searched for a name on the grave. All she found was some withered flowers and scrawled on some wood was "For Daddy". The Doomguides wanted him imprisoned or dead, however Volahk told him never to return to the graveyard. Both Bone Daddy and Count Zorg were banished from their presence. As their time together progressed Count Zorg and Llorna formed a lasting friendship. They slowly fell in love spending so much time together. Llorna Demoneye married Count Zorg becoming Llorna Zorg.

Exiled to Another Realm[edit | edit source]

While fighting Thayans and demons in the Dread Ring both Count Zorg and Llorna were captured. As both were bound and cast into an infernal rift, Llorna managed to free her hands and redirect the exit to an unknown realm. They found themselves in a strange land like no other. The city was called Detroit in the land of Michigan. Llorna gave birth to a daughter and named her Zandra. For years they used glamour spells to hide their true appearance. When the city came under attack, the Zorg family took part in the Battle of Detroit. In 2009, after the Qularr invasion was defeated, the city was renamed Millennium City. There was no longer a need for Zandra to hide. Count Zorg worked out a ritual to take them back to Neverwinter, but Zandra stayed behind to protect her city and her world.

Wrath of the Doomguide[edit | edit source]

Now back home in Neverwinter, Count Zorg and Llorna were accused of assisting the Thayans and espionage. Doomguide Volahk refused to believe their outlandish tale. However when the fact they had a daughter living in another realm came to light at the tribunal, and the charges dismissed. The Doomguide was outraged. Somehow Doomguide Volahk managed to cross over from Neverwinter to Millennium City. He vowed vengeance, "Too many of my acolytes died, at the hands of the Thayan Red Wizards. I witnessed them overwhelmed in a sea of the unliving. I swear to slay the Thayan spawn of these demonic creatures." He was accompanied by a clan of werewolves.

Bank of Zorg[edit | edit source]

As life began to settle down for the Zorgs, Count Zorg took the gold that he and Llorna had accumulated over the many years of adventuring together. Collectively they opened the Bank of Zorg, not to make more wealth, but to assist other new travelers to the shores of Neverwinter. Llorna and her husband work strongly with law enforcement to prevent more death and destruction in all of Faerûn. Once a month they open a communications portal to the realm of old Detroit, now called Millennium City, where their daughter, Zandra Zorg is head of Zorg Communications a company that offers both internet services and astral projection.