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ProfileIcon Inventory Overload Offense Player ActionPoints T01.png VenturersWizard control.png RoguesClass Icon Player Scourge Selected.png Talk PageInventory Ring Circlet 02.png Secret VaultCurrency Icon Tradebar.png
Runestone Slots Count Zorg Rank 30 Equipment Slots
Empowered Rank 7

Empowered Rank 7

Empowered Rank 7
Collection Content Foreground Dreadring Companions.png Inventory Neck Attunation 02.png
Necklace of the
Loyal Commander
Inventory Ring Elemental Earth 03.png
Companion's Ring
Inventory Ring Wizardry 02.png
Cruel Ring of Smiting
Llorna found Count Zorg in battle with other Thayans. After giving him aid in battle, she spoke to Doomguide Volahk on his behalf. They explained his position has drastically altered. While Volahk agreed to grant Zorg amnesty, Zorg later was banished from the Neverdeath Graveyard for resurrecting their dead. Later they slowly fell in love spending so much time together. Llorna Demoneye married Count Zorg becoming Llorna Zorg.