Twisted Dwarf Scroll Case

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Twisted Dwarf Scroll Case
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The Twisted Dwarf Scroll Case can be purchased for a limited-time from the Tarmalune Trade Bar Merchant for 1,500Tarmalune Trade Bars.

Its availability is unclear. It was supposed to appear for sale from October 16th to October 20th, 2014, but appeared earlier.

During the Winter Festival it is also a random drop from a [Starlight Parcel] or [Starlight Bag].

It can contain:

Tooltip[edit source]

Twisted Dwarf Scroll Case

The corrupted dwarves of the north and the duergar of the underdark often exchange labor contracts, packaged in special scroll cases. If you acquire one of these you will acquire the services of one of the following:
Duergar Theurge rare companion
Black Ice Prospector companion

Both companions come with a slotted Lesser Bonding Runestone.

This Scrollcase was found among the trade goods at the notorious bazaar of Menzoberranzan. It has an aura of power... and corruption.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Cannot Discard

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