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The Treasure category is a mixture of junk items intended to be sold for coin, and special items which cannot be sold.

Junk treasure items generally drop from enemies or can be found in containers.

Name Value
[Breyer's Draconic Investigations] Cannot sell
[Defense Supplies] Cannot sell
[Dragon Bone] 4 Silver 42 Copper
[Dragon Forged Steel] 4 Silver 42 Copper
[Dragon Gem] 4 Silver 42 Copper
[Dragon Empire Treasure] Cannot sell
[Dragon Hoard Coffer] Cannot sell
[Dust of Creation] Cannot sell
[Haarl's Treatise on Dragonkind] Cannot sell
[Illefarn Relic Fragment] Cannot sell
[Incantations of the Dragon Queen] Cannot sell
[Jeweled Idol] Cannot sell
[Medal of Heroism] 94 Copper
[Planar Idol] Cannot sell
[Priceless Thayan Antiquity] Cannot sell
[Reghed Barbarian Relic] Cannot sell
[Relic of the Dragon Empire] Cannot sell
[Thayan Relic Fragment] Cannot sell
[Yeti Treat][1] 5 Copper
[1' Pole] 2 Copper
[50" of Rope] 2 Copper
[Bent Fork] 2 Copper
[Dead Fish] 2 Copper
[Piece of Broken Glass] 2 Copper
[Chipped Orc Tooth] 5 Copper
[Intricate Bone Pin] 5 Copper
[Tribal Feather] 5 Copper
[Carved Bone Cup] 7 Copper
[Large Obsidian Heart] 7 Copper
[Engraved Ivory Plate] 9 Copper
[Carved Ivory Scroll Case] 11 Copper
[Polished Banded Agate] 11 Copper
[Simple Ivory Bowl] 11 Copper
[Bizarre Eyepatch] 14 Copper
[Inlaid Bone Comb] 14 Copper
[Jeweled Bronze Statue] 14 Copper
[Engraved Bronze Cup] 17 Copper
[Decorative Bronze Anklet] 18 Copper
[Alabaster Idol] 19 Copper
[Delicate Dragon Brooch] 20 Copper
[Worked Moonstone] 23 Copper
[Jeweled Bronze Chalice] 24 Copper
[Uncut Star Ruby] 25 Copper
[Bejeweled Silver Platter] 28 Copper
[Inlaid Electrum Figurine] 30 Copper
[Engraved Silver Bracelet] 31 Copper
[Jeweled Bronze Harp] 32 Copper
[Fine Silver Goblet] 37 Copper
[Gold Inlaid Ivory Figure] 40 Copper
[Carved Ivory Goblet] 49 Copper
[Inlaid Gold Plate] 50 Copper
[Carved Ivory Figurine] 57 Copper
[Engraved Gold Scroll Case] 57 Copper
[Valuable Silver Dish] 61 Copper
[Engraved Silver Clasp] 72 Copper
[Common Flower] 75 Copper
[Embroidered Purse] 75 Copper
[Explorer's Journal] 75 Copper
[Magic Focus] 75 Copper
[Religious Tome] 75 Copper
[Jeweled Ivory Tiara] 84 Copper
[Polished Jacinth] 97Copper
[Fine Gold Bracelet] 1 Silver 10 Copper
[Precious Copper Locket] 1 Silver 31 Copper
[Star Rose Quartz] 1 Silver 43 Copper
[Engraved Copper Mask] 1 Silver 81 Copper
[Tarnished Copper Mug] 1 Silver 94 Copper
[Dusty Tome] 2 Silver
[Golden Buckle] 2 Silver
[Inscribing Ring] 2 Silver
[Seedling] 2 Silver
[Symbolic Offering] 2 Silver
[Polished Brass Idol] 2 Silver 61 Copper
[Giant Golden Pearl] 2 Silver 99 Copper
[Fashioned Jade] 3 Silver 34 Copper
[Engraved Silver Statuette] 3 Silver 90 Copper
[Jeweled Bronze Platter] 4 Silver 30 Copper
[Jeweled Silver Anklet] 4 Silver 94 Copper
[Gold Inlaid Comb] 5 Silver 16 Copper
[Ancient Chronicle] 6 Silver
[Arcane Grimoire] 6 Silver
[Flawed Sapphire] 6 Silver
[Sweet Berries] 6 Silver
[Token of Worship] 6 Silver
[Jeweled Silver Idol] 6 Silver 37 Copper
[Bizarre Eyepatch] 7 Silver 11 Copper
[Black Star Sapphire] 7 Silver 34 Copper
[Faceted Blue Diamond] 8 Silver 87 Copper
[Magnificent Electrum Goblet] 9 Silver 81 Copper
[Gold Inlaid Locket] 10 Silver 9 Copper
[Jeweled Platinum Statuette] 10 Silver 13 Copper
[Sack of "Drow Ears"] 10 Silver 13 Copper
[Unsolicited Advice] 10 Silver 13 Copper
["Vaulting Ambition"] 10 Silver 13 Copper
[Engraved Gold Brooch] 20 Silver 64 Copper
[Jeweled Silver Bowl] 24 Silver 15 Copper
[Magnificent Gold Statue] 27 Silver 94 Copper
[Jeweled Platinum Pin] 29 Silver 95 Copper
[Gem-Studded Platinum Chalice] 34 Silver 18 Copper
[Priceless Platinum Bowl] 34 Silver 18 Copper
[Jeweled Silver Bottlestopper] 78 Silver 23 Copper
[Inlaid Gold Chalice] 96 Silver 88 Copper
[Cloth of Gold Vestments] 1 Gold 17 Silver 66 Copper
[Magnificent Platinum Mask] 1 Gold 40 Silver 57 Copper
  1. Although junk in quality, the [Yeti Treat] is worth more than its vendor value.

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