The Underscar

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The Underscar
Level: 32
Preceded by: long quest chain

Thin Their Numbers

Take Out Their Leads

Suffer the Poisoners

The Treacherous Scum

Followed by:
Given by: Brother Satarin
Starts in: Helm's Hold
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Helm's Hold
Turn in to: Dassar Truebow
2,160 XP
9 Silver 40 Copper
Control Wizard: [Amulet of Pain]
Devoted Cleric: ?
Guardian Fighter: ?
Great Weapon Fighter: ?
Hunter Ranger: [Pendant of Marksmanship]
Oathbound Paladin: ?
Scourge Warlock: [Amulet of Pain]
Trickster Rogue: [Misdirection Charm]
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The Underscar is a quest in the Scar Alley subzone of Helm's Hold.

Objective[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Brother Satarin
I've learned that the Ashmadai are driving the most wretched of the sick out of the Underscar, a warren of collapsed sewers where those without hope struggle for survival. Even now, they slaughter the sick and helpless beneath our very feet, led by the diabolic figure know as the Shepard of the Damned. Slay this monster, and protect the weakest among us from the cruelty of the Ashmadai! Once you're done, I want you to meet with a ranger at the edge of the wood. His name is Dassar Truebow, and he has information about cult activity in the foresets.

Steps[edit | edit source]

Completion[edit | edit source]

Dassar Truebow
Brother Satarin said you could do the impossible. It is good to hear the last priest of Helm spoke the truth. I am Dassar Truebow, ranger of Neverwinter.

I thank you for your daring and skill at slaying so dangerous a foe. Perhaps the death of the Shepherd of the Damned will give us some slight reprieve as the Ashmadai adjust their plans.

In truth, this might be an opportunity to take the fight back to them.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

After receiving the quest, head to the far northwest of the Scar Alley zone. The entrance is the grating. Follow the quest indicator through the sewers, ignoring the Terrified Civilians as they pass. There is a religion shrine at the northeast corner of the first north-south hallway, in a tent. There is a nature node in the water in the flooded room. The gate solution to free prisoners is 1 then 3. There is a dungeoneering node in the doorway before the room with the aqueducts and a thievery node on the left side of that room. After passing the broken aqueduct, that's located in the same room, there's an Arcana loot spot right by the rubble in the middle of the room prior to leaving out the Eastern exit. Continue north, and then east, clearing packs as you go. The Shepherd of the Damned is in the most northeast room, and will have a cutscene to indicate the start of the fight. The shepherd summons waves of additional allies every so often, which do not despawn after she is dead. Be sure to clear the minions as the fight progresses. After the fight, the reward chest will spawn. Take your reward and return to Dassar Truebow in the east.

Enemies[edit | edit source]