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Throne of Idris

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Throne of Idris
Location Type: Dungeon Delve
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Levels: 38
Throne of Idris map

Enter the crypts of Miradain Fortress to destroy the Direhelm Forge and slay Idris the revenant!

Description[edit | edit source]

A Dungeon Delve located in Ebon Downs.

You can queue for this, to run it in a 5 man group, or you may enter manually solo or with any size group you desire in the Ebon Downs at any level.

Queue[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Level Monster Level Queue Level Gear Score
Normal 38 38 33 - 41
Epic 62 62 60 6800

Quests[edit | edit source]

You receive a quest to complete this dungeon after completing Ebon Downs map, however the quest is bugged and can not be completed.

Bosses of Throne of Idris[edit | edit source]

  • Bone Golem
    • A simple boss fight.
    • The adds pose little threat and can be eliminated as needed.
  • Direhelm Forge
    • 4 shards in each corner of the room need to be destroyed along with the boss in order to disable the forge. The order in which they are destroyed is up to the party.
    • A pair of adds spawn after each shard is destroyed. These adds will bee-line to the recently destroyed shard.
  • Idris the Revenant
    • Just be sure to clear all other trash before engaging her.
    • Pull boss to the 2nd level.
    • Have the tank hold aggro on boss, while cleric/wizard sun busts/repels Hulks to the 1st floor.
    • Avoid her large purple sphere projectile. (When you are melee (TR/GWF) and the purple orb spawns on you/near boss run away from it as fast as you can so can dodge the spheres by running in between them when it explodes)
    • Hulk mobs will re-spawn if killed, therefore should be ignored during the fight.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Normal Boss Guardian Fighter Great Weapon Fighter Devoted Cleric Trickster Rogue Control Wizard Hunter Ranger Misc. Loot Seals
Bone Golem [Mace of Nine Hells] - - [Shroudcloth Bindings] - [Bone Band] [Amulet of Sorrows] [Seal of the Manticore]
Direhelm Forge - - - [Netheril Blade] [Soulforge Skullcap] [Forgekeeper's Ring] [Seal of the Manticore]
Idris the Revenant [Maul of Midnight] - [Griefstone Circlet] - - [Nightwyrm Ring] [Seal of the Manticore]
Dungeon Delves [Spellbinder Gloves]
Epic Boss Guardian Fighter Great Weapon Fighter Devoted Cleric Trickster Rogue Control Wizard Hunter Ranger Misc. Loot Seals
Bone Golem - - - - [Shroudcloth Wraps] [Pale Bone Band] [Seal of the Unicorn]
Direhelm Forge - - - [Sharpened Netheril Blade] - [Forgekeeper's Band] [Seal of the Unicorn]
Idris the Revenant [Stalwart Bulwark's Armor] - [Icon of Despair] - - - [Seal of the Unicorn]