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The Staff of Savras

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A mysterious seer named Sybella Artis has arrived in Protector's Enclave. She needs your help locating the Staff of Savras.

The Staff of Savras is a short introductory campaign that went live with the Guild Alliances update to Module 9, The Maze Engine, on June 7, 2016. It begins with Sgt. Knox's quest The Seer and is followed by Sybella's next quest, Collecting the Past. Completion of this leads to the level 10-18 Benign Order of the Third Eye Campaign.

Objective[edit | edit source]

♦ View Sybella's Chronicle

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sybella Artis
I am a follower of Savras, the All-Seeing. I have been granted the gift of the Third Eye, which allows me to peer into the future. I am working to perfect this gift, but for now my sight is imperfect and murky. The future is not certain and I catch glimpses of numerous, and often contradictory, events.

The one thing I can say with some certainty is momentous events are coming to Neverwinter and the Sword Coast and you are a central figure in them. I have prepared a chronicle of one possible series of events. If you would look at this chart and confirm which events have actually transpired, it will help me sharpen my focus and discern the most likely course the future will take.

Steps[edit | edit source]

Read Sybella's Chronicle on the table next to her.

Completion[edit | edit source]

Sybella Artis
Thank you!

As new events transpire, please let me know. The more often I can match my visions to actual events the more clearly I can discern the true course of the future. In return for your assistance, I will aid you with what resources I can.