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The Shores of Tuern

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The Shores of Tuern is a Epic dungeon introduced in Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons. It is unlocked through a Tyranny of Dragons Campaign task.

It contains a Mystic Dragon chest that can only be opened with a [Mystic Dragon Key] or a [Legendary Dragon Key].

The Shores of Tuern
Severin and his Cult of the Dragon forces have passed through the Icewind Dale Portal. Pursue them and put a stop to whatever evil they intend to work upon the Isle of Tuern.

Normal Version[edit | edit source]

Required Gear Score: 7500

Loot[edit | edit source]

Epic Version[edit | edit source]

Required Total Item Level: 7,500

Group requirements: 1 Tank, 1 Healer, 3 DPS

Loot[edit | edit source]

Draconic Gear acquired from this dungeon is obtained through the end chest, and is bound to character.