The Ranger

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The Ranger
Faction: Stronghold
Race: Human
Occupation: Stronghold Management
The Ranger

The Ranger is an NPC in the Guild Stronghold near the the fountain in the Stronghold Keep. The Ranger offers daily quests and hourly quests in the Stronghold.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Gives and Completes[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The Ranger
Hey, adventurer. I've got nothing to do right now, but I'm sure that'll change once the Steward finds out.
  • What do you do around here?
The Ranger
What do I do? Well, I guess it's in my name, isn't it? Makes it easy for me not to forget.

I scout around the area and report anything that needs attention to the Steward... which usually leads to a member of the guild dealing with whatever I find.

  • Can you tell me your real name?
The Ranger
My real name? It sure would be nice to use, wouldn't it?

Steward's orders, though. He doesn't want anyone in the team using their real names, and he insists that no one in the guild knows our names.

I think he told me why a while back, but I don't really remember the whole point of it.

  • Good hunting, Ranger.