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The Plague Tower

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The Plague Tower
Level: 19
Preceded by: Spellburst
Followed by:
Given by: Sergeant Knox
Starts in: Protector's Enclave
Also occurs in: Plague Tower
Ends in: Protector's Enclave
Turn in to: Sergeant Knox
3025 XP
10 Silver 33 Copper
Duration: {{{duration}}}

This is the final quest of the Spellplague arc and the last quest required to gain the Spellplague: Maps and Protector's Enclave: Complete achievements.

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Travel to the Plague Tower and kill Rhazzad.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sergeant Knox
The wizard Rhazzad preyed on those stricken by the spellplague, promising them treatment in his "Tower of Solace". Instead he used them to power some dark ritual, causing a spellburst that devastated part of the city.

But I fear that was just a side effect.

Rhazzad is even now working to complete his ritual. He has to be stopped. For the sake of the city, and to avenge those he betrayed and killed!

Steps[edit | edit source]

  • Enter the Plague Tower
    • Meet up with Sergeant Knox
    • Reach the Tower
    • Confer with Sergeant Knox
    • Enter the Tower of Solace
  • A Plague of Madness
    • Talk to Linkletter
    • Open the Secret Door
    • Find Linkletter
    • Defeat Plaguechanged Linkletter
    • Chase Linkletter
    • Defeat Linkletter
    • Open Secret Door
    • Chase After Rhazzad
    • Open Final Secret Door
    • Kill Rhazzad
  • Get Reward
  • Leave the Plague Tower
  • Return to Sergeant Knox at the Hall of Justice

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Meet up with Sergeant Knox[edit | edit source]

Sergeant Knox
Alright people! We're going to secure the area, then and only then do we head into the tower. Rhazzad has to know we're coming, and I don't want any surprises!
Corporal Linkletter
That'll take too long! He knows we're coming, and I won't let the bastard who killed my Dorothea escape! I'm going to try to find another way in!
Linkletter, wait!
Sergeant Knox
Linkletter! Don't separate the team!

Damn it all to the Nine Hells, he's gone. Alright, we're moving in. Everyone, follow me!

I'm ready. Let's go!

Confer with Sergeant Knox[edit | edit source]

Sergeant Knox
We got these ones, but there are still more creatures out here. We can't let them escape into the city, but we also can't leave Linkletter in there alone.

I hate to do it, but {name}, I want you to head into the tower and find Linkletter. We'll join you inside after securing the area. Only then do we go after Rhazzad.

Best of luck, Sergeant!

Talk to Linkletter[edit | edit source]

I've found Dorothea! She's alive, but trapped! Rhazzad is on his way here and I can't open these gates.

Circle around the other way. There are secret doors I used to get here. find them, reach us, and we'll leave Rhazzad no way to escape!

Wait here. I'll find the secret door.

Chase Linkletter[edit | edit source]

Dorothea Linkletter
Don't worry about me! You must find Josef. He fell into the old smuggling tunnels, where Rhazzad kept his "failed experiments". I'll be all right, just please stop Josef before Rhazzad makes him do something horrible.

After Defeating Linkletter in the tunnels[edit | edit source]

{name}... You must listen!

Rhazzad is at the top of the tower. He is preparing aritual that will give him power over the Spellplague!

No time to get Sergeant Knox. It's up to you. Use the statues, there's another secret path.

Now go! I can feel his power over me returning. Go, before he makes me attack you again!

I'll make him pay, Josef. I promise.

Completion[edit | edit source]

Sergeant Knox
You did the right thing in the Plague Tower. I can see now I was too cautious. I'm just glad you were there and took action, or else Rhazzad would have reached his full power and destroyed the city.

Rhazzad is dead, but whoever his masters were, they are still out there plotting. And we never did find any trace of Josef or Dorothea Linkletter.

This was a costly victory, but Neverwinter will survive thanks to you... and a little bit of insubordination.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Opening the secret doors
  • Interact with each of the three statues to rotate it until it is facing forward and the red gem at the base of the statue glows.
  • Opening the final secret door
  • Collect the Staff of the Crone, the Flower of the Maiden, and the Mother's Cornucopia.
  • Interact with each of the three statues to return the correct object to each statue.
  • Interact with each of the three statues to rotate it until it is facing forward and the red gem at the base of the statue glows.