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The High Road North

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The High Road North
Location Type: Point of Interest
Within: Blackdagger Ruins
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The High Road North
The High Road North
The High Road
The High Road between Neverwinter and Luskan has served both as thoroughfare of commerce and as a battlefield in the numerous conflicts between the two cities. The High Road fell into disrepair after the disasters that befell the two cities nearly ended commerce completely.

Neverwinter's reconstruction has brought trade back to the region, but the routes are still dangerous. Patrols are few and far between, monsters prowl through dark forests, bandits raid the roads, and pirates attack on the seas.

Still, the profits to be made are extraordinary for the merchant brave or foolhardy enough to take the risk.

The High Road North is a point of interest located in Blackdagger Ruins.

Quests[edit | edit source]

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