The Frozen Heart

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The Frozen Heart
Location Type: Dungeon Delve
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Levels: 49
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Delve into the frost giants' lair and put an end to their threat by slaying Hrimnir and silencing the Winterforge!

Description[edit | edit source]

Located in Icespire Peak, end of the map. Pick up the quest from Florin Icehammer at Guerilla Camp to complete the new "Deeds" part of campaigns.

Queue[edit | edit source]

Dungeon Level Monster Level Queue Level Gear Score
Normal 49 49 44 - 70
  1. The Epic version of The Frozen Heart was removed with Module 6: Elemental Evil

Quests[edit | edit source]

Bosses of The Frozen Heart[edit | edit source]

  • Grast the Gut-Cruncher:
    • Starts off with 4 adds, it varies between 2 winter wolves or 2 Trolls.
    • Boss has moderately high health.
    • At various times, he'll slam his hammer on the ground in a line indicated by several glowing red spots. This does an immense amount of damage if caught.
    • Near death, he'll be frozen and start to regenerate his health, you will need to fight your way up to the crystal above and kill it to unfreeze him. He will again start to attack with full health.
    • His attacks are the same, but now has access to a single target nuke; it is dodgeable.
    • Again: near death, he will freeze himself yet again, fight your way to the last crystal to unfreeze him.
    • His attacks are the same, but Crystal Golems will now spawn to aid him. Kite them and burn him down to despawn them.

  • Enhanced Rimefire Golem:
    • Moderate health; this is a burn fight.
    • Ignore the crystal golems that spawn and kite them. Burn down the boss.
    • He will do large circle AOE slam attacks to anyone near him, extreme damage output.
    • He will also drop icicle blocks on top of players if they do not dodge fast enough.
    • At roughly 20%, he'll start to emanate a wide area DoT, burn him down to complete.

  • Hrimnir, Frost Giant Chieftain:
    • A complete nuke fight
    • Ignore and kite every add
    • Have wizards deal with the sharpshooters that spawn as their damage output is rather high. Otherwise, burn the boss the entire fight.
    • He will do an AOE axe smash around him very frequently, This does an extremely high amount of damage and, when started, slowly emanates outwards from himself in random directions. Otherwise, it's a simple burn fight.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Normal Boss/Chest Equipment Seals
Grast the Gut-Cruncher random piece of unidentified Rare equipment 50 Seal of the Adventurer
Enhanced Rimefire Golem random piece of unidentified Rare equipment 50 Seal of the Adventurer
Hrimnir, Frost Giant Chieftain random piece of unidentified Rare equipment 100 Seal of the Adventurer
End Reward Chest random piece of unidentified Rare equipment for your class