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Temple of Tiamat

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The Temple of Tiamat is a 25-character raid encounter located in the Well of Dragons. It was delayed from release of Module 5: Rise of Tiamat and opened December 5th, 2014.

Dragon Queen chests in the temple can be opened with a [Dragon Queen's Key].

Tiamat Hoard Reclamation[edit | edit source]

Tiamat Hoard Reclamation
Reclaim treasures from Tiamat's hoard. Contributions to the Allied Hoard will be shared with other players. A greater number of people reclaiming a greater amount of hoard treasure will unlock higher tiers of rewards and beneficial effects for all!

Players can contribute via the Rewards for the Hoard repeatable quest.

Tier Name Buffs[1] Additional Reward[2]
1 Hoard Reclaimer +3% of Maximum Hit Points
+400 Power
2 Hoard Defender +800 Recovery
+800 Defense
+800 Deflection
+800 Regeneration
Elemental Alliance Head, Body, Arm, and Leg items
3 Hoard Avenger +1200 Critical Strike
+1200 Power
Dragon Souls cooldown reduced to 90 seconds.
[Incantations of the Dragon Queen]
[Greater Imperial Dragon Cloak]
[Greater Lathander's Cloak]
[Lostmauth's Hoard Necklace]
[Greater Cloak of the Seldarine]
4 Hoard Champion +10% of Maximum Hit Points
+4000 Power
Dragon Souls cooldown reduced to 60 seconds.
[Tiamat's Orb of Majesty]
  1. All players in the Temple of Tiamat will receive the buffs.
  2. These items now have a chance to drop.

Contest[edit | edit source]

The encounter is scored as a contest. Rewards include:

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Phase 0: Get Ready[edit | edit source]

To defeat Tiamat, players must work together and should form parties to share buffs. The entry hall has five exit doors with colored flames above, where players can stand to show others, which of the 5 dragon souls they're going to get. Balancing this is mandatory for the end-game. Each of the five Heads of Tiamat has a corresponding gem, those are [Black Dragon Soul Gem], [Green Dragon Soul Gem], [Red Dragon Soul Gem], [Blue Dragon Soul Gem] and [White Dragon Soul Gem]. Players should consume the [Greater Potion of Dragon Slaying] and [Greater Scroll of Protection from Dragons] and should free one consumable slot to have the gem ready.

Phase 1: Defeat the Summoners[edit | edit source]

Split into 2 groups, blacks and greens go to the left, blues and whites to the right, reds may choose. Group left is attacking the summoner of the black, group right the summoner of the white (right). After the summoners have been defeated, the groups should move inwards to the summoner of the green (left) and the summoner of the blue (right), finally meeting at Rath Modar – the summoner of red – in the middle. In this phase, players must get their crystal from the summoner. Now Severin will show up in the middle; after he is defeated, Tiamat will show up.

Phase 2: Protect the Clerics[edit | edit source]

Before you can attack Tiamat herself, you must protect the three clerics for a period of time while they ready their spells. The clerics will be positioned to the left, middle, and right side of the map and will not move. During this phase, hoards of cultists will attack the clerics to try to disrupt their casting, and will continue spawning until the clerics' blue casting bars are all full. Additionally, the Tiamat heads will be spitting their caustic breath at you, as denoted by large red circles on the ground near the clerics. It is best to split the group evenly between the clerics, and if one starts to lag behind a few people should switch over to help. Once all three clerics have filled their blue bars, the five Tiamat heads will become vulnerable to damage. Linu La'neral will announce this when it happens, at which point you will move on to phase 3.

Phase 3: Defeat the Heads of Tiamat[edit | edit source]

Once the clerics cast their spells, the five Tiamat heads will become susceptible to damage for 90 seconds. The heads can be defeated, but if all five Heads are not killed within the time limit the dead ones will respawn at 20% health the next time this phase occurs. Because of this, it is best to have all participants focus on one head at a time and reduce its health down to around 20% before moving onto the next head WITHOUT killing it. The group should start from the far left Black head and work its way across, and vice versa the next time. When approaching a dragon head, whoever holds the corresponding Dragon Soul should activate it (done by placing the item in your Potion tray and using it from there) in order to protect the group from harm. It is technically possible to defeat all five Heads in this phase, but it requires an incredible amount of dps and group cooperation and as such is best left for the second or third attempt at this phase. Once the timer runs out, if all heads are not defeated, the clerics will return for more spellcasting and the group will repeat Phase 2. This phase and the previous phase can be repeated up to three times within the overall time limit, so no need to panic if you don't kill all the heads the second time around.

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