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This template is used to display tooltip data on a box.

It shouldn't be directly used on content pages; instead there are three different ways of using it indirectly depending on the situation:

On the page for the item, power, or other entity the tooltip belongs to[edit source]

In these cases, use {{Tooltip section}} where the tooltip section should go. Don't include a heading; the template automatically brings one in.


{{Tooltip section}}

This provides a link to a subpage where the tooltip data should actually reside.

On the /Tooltip subpage[edit source]

Here, it is best used as the default template for formatting the data, as shown here:

{{ {{#if:{{{1|}}}|{{{1}}}|Tooltip}}
|body=<div>first line</div>
<div>second line</div>
...and so on...

Note that if the page name is disambiguated or in some other way does not match the name of the entity in question, the correct name needs to be supplied after title= for correct display.

On other pages[edit source]

If you want to include a tooltip for an entity on a page others its own, treat the /Tooltip subpage as a template as shown here:

{{:entity page name/Tooltip}}