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Optional Hud and options settings[edit source]

After creating a character you may want to take a moment to set up the controls and game for yourself. While that is unique to every player, a couple of handy options are not obvious to a new player.

1) you *can* walk with the mouse. Mouse and controller keys are found in a drop down menu when you attempt to re-map a key. Example, go to the walk forward (W by default) key and rebind it (or bind the alternative) to "right press" (NOT RIGHT CLICK, this is the confusing part) and you can now move with the mouse!

2) Similar to #1, if you change "interact" (F by default) to left click (NOT LEFT PRESS) you can click on objects to interact with them. The difference between press and click, I am not even sure how to describe it, but trust me that the above works and using the wrong choice of (press vs click) sort of works but the result is quirky.

3) I have not found a way to re-map the ctrl button (lock on target) to a toggle like numlock, and have yet to find a way to do this action without holding down a key which is horrible. If anyone knows the trick for that, it would be mighty useful as it, among other things, would allow you to follow another player.

Everything else is obvious how to remap and set up, though be aware that changing a bound key (for example, W) will automatically bind the action that used to be on the bound key to another choice and likely needs to be fixed as the choice tends to be "button 1 of the (in my case) nonexistent game controller".

Halfling is missing.[edit source]

In the Race Selection area, you are missing the Halfling race. Even though you use the Halfling as your test subject. Grom5674 (talk)