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Table of Generic Enemies

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Enemies populate the Adventure Zones, quest instances, Dungeons, Skirmishes, Raids and Foundry quests of Neverwinter.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Category: The category that appears in-game above an enemy's name does not necessarily indicate its species. For instance, "Orc" can appear above a wolf.
  • Foundry: Although Foundry authors can use many different generic enemies, not all are available.
  • Roles: Enemies have one of four roles: Artillery, Brute, Controller or Skirmisher. A particular enemy's role can be found in its Foundry entry.
  • Difficulty: Enemies have one of five difficulty levels: Minion, Standard, Elite, Solo, or Boss. A particular enemy's difficulty can be found in its Foundry entry, or by counting the number of segments in its health bar, only exception to the rule is summoned Enemies Segments may vary.

Adventure Zones

  • Minion: 1
  • Standard: 3
  • Elite: 5
  • Solo: 7
  • Boss: 10(Console) 20 (PC)

Group Content

  • Minion: 3
  • Standard: 5
  • Elite: 9
  • Solo: 13
  • Boss: 10(Console) 20 (PC)
  • Log: Neverwinter's Combatlog.Log file contains both an enemy's standard name, and an identifier. This identifier can reveal when enemies of differing names share code.
  • A enemy's Level/Role/Difficulty all come to effect their personal Damage Taken Values, while with Defenses Ignored is simply -15%.

Enemy Damage Taken[edit | edit source]

  • Minion brutes set the standard.
  • Skirmishers have 90% of Brutes' DT.
  • Artillery have 80% of Brutes' DT.
  • Controllers have 70% of Brutes' DT.
  • "Standards" have 9/8 of Minions' DT.
  • Elites have 10/8 of Minion's DT.
  • Solos have 11/8 of Minion's DT.
  • Bosses have 12/8 of Minion's DT.

Note[edit | edit source]

  • Daring Shout's Damage Resistance(Taken) Buff is based on Difficulty.

Table of Difficulty/Role Damage Taken Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Category Role Brute Skirmisher Artillery Controller
Minion 1 0.9 0.8 0.7
Standard 1.125 1.0125 0.9 0.7875
Elite 1.25 1.125 1 0.875
Solo 1.375 1.2375 1.1 0.9625
Boss 1.5 1.35 1.2 1.05

Table of Enemies[edit | edit source]

Name Foundry Role Difficulty Log ID
Aberrant Blue Fire Eye yes Artillery Minion Blue_Fire_Eye
Aberrant Intellect Predator yes Artillery Elite Intellect_Predator
Aberrant Nothic Mindwarp yes Skirmisher Standard Nothic_Mindwarp
Aberrant Nothic Plaguegazer yes Artillery Standard Nothic_Plaguegazer
Aberrant Plaguechanged Maw yes Brute Solo Plaguechanged_Maw
Aberrant Plaguechanged Raider yes Skirmisher Minion Plaguechanged_Raider
Ashmadai Branded Zealot yes Brute Minion Ashmadai_Branded_Zealot_Basic
Ashmadai Erinyes yes Brute Standard Ashmadai_Erinyes
Ashmadai Hellfire Magus yes Artillery Elite Ashmadai_Cambion_Hellfire_Magus
Ashmadai Hellfire Warlock yes Artillery Minion Ashmadai_Hellfire_Warlock
Ashmadai Imp yes Skirmisher Minion Ashmadai_Imp_Basic
Ashmadai Legion Devil yes Skirmisher Standard Ashmadai_Legion_Devil_Hellguard
Ashmadai Shocktroop Devil yes Brute Solo Ashmadai_Shocktroop_Devil
Bandit Bloodtracker no Elite Bandit_Gnoll_Bloodtracker
Bandit Cutthroat no Minion Bandit_Basic
Bandit Deathpledged no Standard Bandit_Gnoll_Deathpledged
Bandit Enforcer no Elite Bandit_Soldier
Bandit Fang no Elite Bandit_Gnoll_Fangofyeenoghu
Bandit Hexer no Elite Bandit_Hexer
Bandit Huntsman no Minion Bandit_Gnoll_Huntsman
Bandit Officer no Elite Bandit_Officer
Bandit Salvager no Standard Bandit_Salvager
Bandit Sniper no Minion Bandit_Sniper
Blackscale Bruiser yes Brute Standard Lizardfolk_Blackscalebruiser
Cult of the Dragon Hexer yes Controller Elite Cultofthedragon_Hexer
Cult of the Dragon Hurler yes Artillery Minion Cultofthedragon_Kobold_Hurler
Cult of the Dragon Initiate yes Brute Standard Cultofthedragon_Initiate
Cult of the Dragon Mercenary yes Skirmisher Standard Cultofthedragon_Mercenary
Cult of the Dragon Minion yes Skirmisher Minion Cultofthedragon_Kobold_Minion
Drow Arachnomancer yes Artillery Elite Drow_Arachnomancer
Drow Assassin yes Skirmisher Standard Drow_Assassin
Drow Priestess yes Controller Elite Drow_Priest
Drow Warrior yes Brute Minion Drow_Basic
Duergar Thrall Guard yes Artillery Minion Mindflayer_Duergarguardthrall
Duergar Thrall Miner yes Skirmisher Minion Mindflayer_Duergarminerthrall
Duergar Thrall Theurge yes Artillery Standard Mindflayer_Duergartheurgethrall
Elemental Flamespiker yes Skirmisher Standard Fire_Flamespiker
Fire Archon Ash Disciple yes Artillery Standard Fire_Archonashdisciple
Fire Archon Flamebow yes Artillery Minion Fire_Archonflamebow
Fire Archon Flameshield yes Brute Minion Fire_Archonflameshield_Basic
Fire Giant Forgecaller yes Brute Elite Fire_Giantforgecaller
Foulspawn Berserker yes Brute Standard Foulspawn_Berserker
Foulspawn Grue yes Artillery Minion Foulspawn_Grue
Foulspawn Hulk yes Brute Solo Foulspawn_Hulk
Foulspawn Seer yes Artillery Elite Foulspawn_Seer
Foulspawn Wretch yes Skirmisher Minion Foulspawn_Wretch
Frost Goblin Cutter yes Skirmisher Minion Frost_Goblin_Cutter
Frost Goblin Hex Hurler yes Artillery Elite Frost_Goblin_Hex_Hurler
Frost Goblin Sentry yes Brute Standard Frost_Goblin_Sentry
Frost Goblin Sharpshooter yes Artillery Minion Frost_Goblin_Sharpshooter
Frost Goblin Skullcleaver yes Skirmisher Standard Frost_Goblin_Skullcleaver
Gnoll Deathpledged Gnoll yes Brute Standard Gnoll_Deathpledged
Gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu yes Brute Elite Gnoll_Fangofyeenoghu
Gnoll Huntmaster yes Artillery Minion Gnoll_Huntsman
Gnoll Lackey yes Brute Minion Gnoll_Basic
Goblin Cutter yes Skirmisher Minion Goblin_Cutter
Goblin Hex Hurler yes Artillery Elite
Goblin Sentry yes Brute Standard Goblin_Sentry
Goblin Sharpshooter yes Artillery Minion Goblin_Sharpshooter
Goblin Skullcleaver yes Skirmisher Standard Goblin_Skullcleaver
Greenscale Darter yes Artillery Minion Lizardfolk_Greenscaledarter
Greenscale Hunter yes Skirmisher Minion Lizardfolk_Greenscalehunter_Basic
Greenscale Marsh Mystic yes Controller Elite Lizardfolk_Greenscalemarshmystic
Greenscale Trapper yes Skirmisher Standard Lizardfolk_Greenscaletrapper
Guard Archer yes Artillery Minion Guard_Archer
Guard Mage yes Controller Elite
Guard Recruit yes Skirmisher Minion Guard_Basic
Guard Soldier yes Brute Standard Guard_Soldier
Ice Troll Grunt yes Skirmisher Standard Winterforge_Ice_Troll_Grunt
Intellect Devourer Thrall Ustilagor yes Skirmisher Minion
Kobold Dragonshield yes Brute Standard Kobold_Dragonshield
Kobold Hurler yes Artillery Minion Kobold_Hurler
Kobold Minion yes Skirmisher Minion Kobold_Minion
Kobold Slyblade yes Skirmisher Standard Kobold_Slyblade
Kobold Wyrmpriest yes Artillery Elite Kobold_Wyrmpriest
Magma Beast Magma Brute yes Brute Solo Fire_Magmabrute
Mimic Treasure Chest no Elite Mimic_Chest
Mind Flayer Infiltrator yes Skirmisher Standard Mindflayer_Infiltrator
Mind Flayer Mastermind yes Artillery Elite Mindflayer_Mastermind
Mind Flayer Scourge yes Skirmisher Standard Mindflayer_Scourge
Mind Flayer Thoon Hulk yes Brute Solo Mindflayer_Thoonhulk
Nasher Rebel Enforcer yes Brute Elite Rebel_Soldier
Nasher Rebel Hexer yes Controller Elite Rebel_Hexer
Nasher Rebel Recruit yes Skirmisher Minion Rebel_Basic
Nasher Rebel Sniper yes Artillery Minion Rebel_Sniper
Ogre Savage yes Brute Solo Monster_Ogre
Orc Axethrower yes Artillery Minion Orc_Archer
Orc Battletested Orc yes Brute Standard Orc_Battletested
Orc Beastmaster no Standard Orc_Basic_Beastmaster
Orc Drudge yes Brute Minion Orc_Basic
Orc Eye of Gruumsh yes Controller Elite Orc_Eyeofgruumsh
Orc Eye of Gruumsh Warder no Elite Orc_Eyeofgruumsh_Warder
Orc Sapper no Standard Orc_Battletested
Orc Spellscarred Commander no Elite Orc_Eyeofgruumsh
Orc Spellscarred Drudge no Minion Orc_Basic
Orc Taskmaster no Standard Orc_Battletested_Taskmaster
Orc Torturer no Standard Orc_Basic_Torturer
Orc Wolf no Minion Monster_Wolf
Order of Blue Fire Acolyte of Corruption yes Controller Elite Cultist_Acolyte
Order of Blue Fire Cultist yes Artillery Minion Bluefire_Cultist
Order of Blue Fire Enforcer yes Skirmisher Standard Bluefire_Enforcer
Order of Blue Fire Guard yes Skirmisher Minion Bluefire_Guard
Order of Blue Fire Knight Accordant yes Brute Standard Bluefire_Knight_Accordant
Shadar-kai Direhelm yes Brute Standard Shadar-kai_Dire_Helm
Shadar-kai Gloomblade yes Skirmisher Standard Shadar-kai_Gloomblade
Shadar-kai Soldier yes Skirmisher Minion Shadar-kai_Basic
Shadar-kai Witch yes Controller Elite Shadar-kai_Witch
Skeleton Archer yes Artillery Minion Skeleton_Archer
Skeleton Bone Porter no Minion Skeleton_Basic_Mission_Graveyard
Skeleton Decrepit Skeleton yes Skirmisher Minion Skeleton_Basic
Skeleton Soldier yes Skirmisher Standard Skeleton_Soldier
Spider Blade Spider yes Skirmisher Standard Spider_Bladespider
Spider Bristle Spider yes Artillery Elite Spider_Bristlespider
Spider Deathjump Spider yes Skirmisher Standard Spider_Deathjumpspider
Spider Spiderling yes Skirmisher Minion Spider_Generic_Melee
Spider Spitting Spider yes Artillery Minion Spider_Generic_Ranged
Spider Tomb Spider yes Controller Elite Spider_Tombspider
Thayans Red Wizard of Thay no Standard Thay_Redwizard
Undead Pirate Archer yes Artillery Minion Undeadpirate_Archer
Undead Pirate Cutthroat yes Skirmisher Minion Undeadpirate_Cutthroat
Undead Pirate Deathpledged yes Brute Standard Undeadpirate_Deathpledged
Undead Pirate Hexer yes Controller Elite Undeadpirate_Hexer
Undead Pirate Ruffian yes Skirmisher Standard Undeadpirate_Ruffian
Wererat Minion yes Skirmisher Minion Wererat_Wererat
Wererat Mugger yes Skirmisher Standard Wererat_Mugger
Wererat Scum yes Artillery Minion Wererat_Rogue
Wererat Sewer Guard yes Brute Elite Wererat_Sewerguard
Wererat Sewer Mage yes Artillery Standard Wererat_Mage
Werewolf Fighter yes Brute Standard Werewolf_Fighter
Werewolf Lord yes Brute Elite Werewolf_Lord
Werewolf Scavenger yes Brute Standard Werewolf_Scavenger
Werewolf Stormcaller yes Brute Elite Werewolf_Stormcaller
Werewolf Wolf Packmate yes Skirmisher Minion Werewolf_Basic
Werewolf Youngblood Archer yes Artillery Minion Werewolf_Ranged
Wight Battle Wight yes Brute Standard Wight_Battlewight
Wight Battle Wight Commander yes Brute Elite Wight_Battlecommander
Wight Deathlock Wight yes Controller Standard Wight_Deathlock
Winterforge Rimefire Golem yes Brute Elite Winterforge_Rimefire_Golem
Winterforge Winter Wolf yes Skirmisher Standard Winterforge_Winter_Wolf
Zombie Hulk yes Brute Elite Zombie_Hulk
Zombie Rotter yes Skirmisher Minion Zombie_Rotter