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Supplying the Defense

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Supplying the Defense
Level: 10-70
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Given by: Defense Supply Master
Starts in: Protector's Enclave
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Protector's Enclave
Turn in to: Defense Supply Master
Varies by level, up to:
2Silver 21Copper
Varies by number of Defense Supplies donated.
12 [Defense Supplies]:
50Dragon Cult Insignia
2Medal of Heroism
Duration: {{{duration}}}

Supplying the Defense is a repeatable quest during the Siege of Neverwinter event. After taking the quest you can donate 1, 6 or 12 [Defense Supplies].

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Donate Defense Supplies to the defense of Neverwinter.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Defense Supply Master
Between the siege itself and the refugees who've sought safety here in Neverwinter, the city is sorely pressed for supplies. Lord Neverember has asked for all citizens to donate as they are able to help the defense effort. Any supply packages you craft can be donated to me and I'll make sure you're rewarded.

Donating supply packages earns you [Dragon Cult Insignia]. Donating larger amounts at once will also earn you [Medal of Heroism]. You can spend these currencies at the event store

Steps[edit | edit source]

  • Donate Defense Supplies
  • Get Your Reward

Completion[edit | edit source]

Defense Supply Master
On behalf of the city and its people, you have my thanks. The chest nearby has an award for your efforts. Take it, along with our thanks. I'll be here throughout the siege if you have more Defense Supply Packages to donate.