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Summer Festival (SCA)

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Summer Festival is a Sword Coast Adventures special event adventure. It is only available during the Summer Festival, and is designed for a party of companions rank 6 or higher. Each challenge awards Fireblossom Petals.

The Summer Festival is currently underway, celebrating the bounty of the goddess Sune. Come by this peaceful farmstead and enjoy the bucolic life!

Boss Encounter[edit | edit source]

Campfire Heros Feast.png

Enjoy a relaxing outing at the Summer Festival and enjoy the Hero's Feast

It's dinner time! The festival organizers have prepared a lavish spread. Can you finish your helping? Be warned ... there's pie.

Hero's Feast 1Magic 1Perception + 3Combat + 1Magic 1Thievery

With a mighty (dare I say heroic) effort, you manage to polish off the entire meal, and even consider the possibility of seconds.

Other Encounters[edit | edit source]

Field of Corn 2Magic + 1Magic 1Thievery
Fireblossom Flowers 1Magic 1Perception 2Thievery 3Combat
Golden Chicken 1Magic 1Thievery + 1Perception + 1Magic 1Thievery
Hungry Troll 6Combat + 3Combat + 2Magic
Skittish Chicken 2Perception 2Thievery
Summer Kobolds 1Thievery 9Combat
Wayward Pig 1Magic 2Perception 2Thievery