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Strongbox Key

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Strongbox Key
Category: Key
Type: Consumable
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Quality: Epic
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Sale value: Cannot sell
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Buy value: Zen300 (5 keys)
Zen1,000 (20 keys)
Zen3,500 (20 keys +)
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Strongbox Keys are used to open [Strongbox of the Dragonflight] , [Strongbox of the Fallen], [Strongbox of Influence], [Strongbox of Astral Diamonds], [Strongbox of Gems], and [Strongbox of Surplus Equipment].

They can be purchased from the auction house or the Zen Market for 5 keys, or for 20 keys, or in a [Stronghold Starter Pack] (contains 20 keys).

Tooltip[edit source]

Strongbox Key
A magical key that can open any Strongbox, a reward for participating in guild events at your stronghold. Available for purchase in the Zen Market.

A key capable of dispelling abjurations commonly deployed to seal valuable strongboxes. In other words, this key will open any strongbox.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell