Straight to Helm (SCA)

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Straight to Helm is a Sword Coast Adventures Call to Arms adventure. It is only available during the Call to Arms: Straight to Helm, and is designed for a party of companions rank 6 or higher. Each challenge awards Icon Inventory Misc Calltoarm.png[Medallion of Battle].

The Ashmadai occupying Helm's Hold plan to summon a devilish pit fiend from the Nine Hells! Heroes of all levels of skill are called to help stop them!

Defeat the Pit Fiend and end its reign of terror.

Bathed in hellfire, this monstrous creature seems impossible to get near, let alone kill.

Pit Fiend 3Combat 1Magic + 3Combat 1Perception + 3Combat

"No! Not possible..!" screams the devil as it vanishes in a burst of smoke and hellfire.