Storm the Keep

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Storm the Keep is a Sword Coast Adventures Call to Arms adventure. It is only available during the Call to Arms: Storming the Keep, and is designed for a party of companions rank 6 or higher. Each challenge awards Medallions of Battle.

The Blackdagger pirates are massing at their fortress! A call goes out to all heroes brave enough to stop Malus Blackdagger and his horde before it's too late!

Human Boss M Msn Malusblackdagger 01.png

Find and defeat the pirate lord Malus Blackdagger.

Before you stands a large and imposing figure, the pirate lord known as Malus Blackdagger.

Malus Blackdagger 6Combat + 3Combat + 6Combat

You pick up Malus' well-known, three-corner hat and dust off the blood and dirt. You place it on your head and admire your reflection. Nope. Not a good look for you. Congratulations! Your adventure is complete!