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Starter Kit

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The Starter Kit is a Pack for Neverwinter sold via the website for $19.99. The website calculates the value of the contents at $50.

Name on Website Item Description
Amulet of Protection AmuletOfProtectionIcon.jpg[Amulet of Protection] Gain greater initial protection from enemies. +1 Armor Class. No level restriction, useful for throughout your entire heroic career.
Bag of Holding Inventory Misc Bag1 Glowblue.png[Embroidered Bag of Holding] 12 extra inventory slots for one of your characters to hold your loot!
1 Adventurer's Helper Pack Inventory Misc 02 Darkbrown.png[Adventurer's Helper Pack] Contains six different types of helpful items to start your adventure
- A Large Health Stone
- 10,000 XP booster
- 5 Stack of Team Resurrection Scrolls
- 5 Portable Altars
- 10 Identify Scrolls
- 25 pack of skill consumables

Each item is available to only one character.