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Starlight Parcel/Tooltip

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Starlight Parcel
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

Use: Open your gift. You have opened 0 so far. Each gift opened unlocks more exciting rewards. Speak to the Starlight Giftmaster at the Winter Festival for more details.

This pack contains the following:
Gift of Simril
Winter Novelties

This pack also contains one of the following:

Refiner's Cache
Rare Equipment
Retraining Token Pack
Zen Market Consumables
Flawless Sapphire
Seasonal Event Rewards After 5 gifts
Sought-After Seasonal Event Rewards After 10 gifts
Call-to-Arms Rewards After 15 gifts
Highly-Sought-After Rewards After 20 gifts

A parcel wrapped in star dappled paper and bound by a brightly colored bow. This is a gift given as a generous gesture by the residents of Twilight Tor to the adventurers of the Sword Coast for their tireless efforts in defending the realm.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell