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Stalwart Bulwark's Armor

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Stalwart Bulwark's Armor
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Equipment
Tag: Armor
Binding: Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip
Quality: Epic
Requires class: Guardian Fighter
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Requires level: 60
Item level: 252
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Quest: [[{{{quest}}}]]
Sell value: Gold1 Silver60 Copper43
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Inventory Body T05 Guardian 01.png

Stalwart Bulwark's Armor is a part of the Stalwart Bulwark armor set.


Stalwart Bulwark's Armor
Item Level: 252
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip

Equip: +13 AC
Equip: +168 Recovery
Equip: +1,041 Defense
Equip: +392 Deflection
Equip: +168 Regeneration

Defense Slot: No Enchantment
Armor Enhancement Slot: No Enchantment

Armor, Plate
Requires Class: Guardian Fighter
Requires Level: 60
Gold1 Silver60 Copper43

Stalwart Bulwark Armor

Icon Name Collection Score Acquisition
Inventory Head T05 Guardian 01.png
[Helm of the Stalwart Bulwark] Collection Score 2 Lair of the Mad Dragon [Epic]
Inventory Feet T05 Guardian 01.png
[Stalwart Bulwark's Greaves] Collection Score 2 Cragmire Crypt [Epic]
Inventory Body T05 Guardian 01.png
[Stalwart Bulwark's Armor] Collection Score 2 Throne of Idris [Epic]
Inventory Arms T05 Guardian 01.png
[Stalwart Bulwark's Gauntlets] Collection Score 2 Cloak Tower [Epic]
Name MHP Pw CS Rc AP Ds Dl Rg LS Mv Total
Helm of the Stalwart Bulwark 108 685 252 108 1,153
Stalwart Bulwark's Greaves 108 685 252 108 1,153
Stalwart Bulwark's Armor 168 1,041 392 168 1,769
Stalwart Bulwark's Gauntlets 108 685 252 108 1,153

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

Epic Throne_of_Idris, Idris the Revenant or dungeon delve chest.

Look[edit | edit source]