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Stalwart Brotherhood

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Hello and welcome to the Stalwart brotherhood.[edit | edit source]


Join the Pride and be Stalwart Gold!!

Tired of being crapped on for being to low level, your old guild dead? Maybe you don't know how to build your character, That dungeon is to hard or you cant find that dumb quest location. Come over to the Brotherhood, we love helping new players. If you have questions we have answers. Want a leg up on the competition? we have many leaders that specialize in each character type to help make you just that little bit better.

Icons Inventory Mount Lion Swift Golden.png

There are regular guild activities and events. Contests like raffles, trivia, hide and seek, tests of might, and more!

The Guilds color is gold. if you want to represent your guild ask a leader how to get gold dye!

Est, Mics preferred, English, 18yo+, ALL LEVELS WELCOME!!

Daily activity's[edit | edit source]

Influence runs, PvP, Runic corruption runs, Master expedition runs, T3's, Que party hosting,

Weekly events[edit | edit source]

Monday Marauder's - Marauders duh

Wednesday workout - Want to learn how a certain dungeon works. Want to run a high level dungeon but to low. Todays the day!

Friday Night Folly's - A grab-bag of any/all of the regular daily activity's

Slayer's Hunt Saturdays - Do you need equipment from a hunt in Barovia or Chult, But can get a good team? We got your back!

Super Newb Sundays - We answer any and all questions new players have (really ask us anything!). We are ready to help you though any issues and problems.

GUILD RULES/REQUIREMENTS[edit | edit source]

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All members of The Guild have requirements from minimum to Damn!

Your involvement level will determine your rank in the guild.

Every rank will have its own duties, along with all the duties of previous ranks (IE- a rank 2 only has rank 2 duties, but a rank 3 has their duties and rank 2s also)

If you want to move up through the ranks donate, participate, and help others. It will be seen, it will be noted

-Guild rules-[edit | edit source]

Every effective organization has them

1- Do not beg for items, especially in alliance chat

2- If you need help ask a leader, we will not hunt you down to see if you need help

3- If you are inactive for 1(one) week or more without telling a leader why, you will be kicked from the guild

4- if you see a shout out in Guild chat for a event, you best show up! (If you are stuck in a dungeon or a que tell a leader)

5- No talk of religion, politics, or race. We are here to game not fix the world

6- No multi-guilding, that's like trying to work two jobs at the same time - it doesn't work

7- All members will NOT interact or hang with kicked or banned people's, once they are gone, it's over. If you can't trust my judgement an abide the rule I will let you go also.

8- all members WILL NOT insult, bother, threaten,or intimidate ANYONE. Regardless if they are in the guild or not. This is a helpful and respectful guild and will not have our morals tarnished.

9- If you have issues with a person in the guild, bring it to a leader immediately. We cannot fix or correct a problem if we don't know about it.

10- The rules are there to be followed, not bent or broken. Any members caught abusing the rules will get '1' warning. If you screw up again you will be kicked.

11- Guild mic party's are for GUILD members only. If an outsider wants to hang make a new chat NOT under the guild name or banner.

12- Kick ass and have fun!

Will add more as needed!

Guild - Chain of Command[edit | edit source]

Icons Inventory Mount Lion.png

Rank 7 - Lord/Founder- Vash@The-Fraggaler

Rank 6 - Dukes - Diriana@DistillaPunk

Rank 5 - Barons - Scoobs@scoobydoo3688

These leaders should be able to help you do anything, or get you in contact with a person that can help.

Ranks and Reasonability's[edit | edit source]

Rank 1 - Commoner

Must deposit, SOMETHING, once a week. After 30 days of noninteracting with guild you will be kicked

(To advance to Rank 2, must donate 2800 influence and 140 of any shard)

Rank 2 - Nobleman

You can now invite people to the guild!

Must donate 1000 influence, 50 shards, weekly. (Literally 2.5 days of work)

Now eligible for guild events raffles, contest, games, etc.

(To advance to Rank 3, must be participating member for 30+ days, AND recruit 1 person that stays for over 7 days (clone toons don't count)

Rank 3 - Aristocrat

Help lowers on dungeons, quests, anything.

Tend and maintain production buildings in the stronghold - farm, lumberyard, quarry, mine, vender (if summoned).

(To advance to Rank 4, you must be over 18k item level, and be able to solo or duo yourself through a dungeon of a leader's choice, you also have to PVP two different leaders, not at once, defeating at least one)

Rank 4 - Knight

You now have the ability to demote people below you (use this power wisely or you will be demoted)

Start hosting influence runs 3x a week. Actively recruiting 2-4 people a week.

All ranks beyond this are part of 'The Core'.

To become part of The Core you will need to start really dedicating time and real money to the game. Every leader that is part of The Core MUST have a Stalwart Golden Lion. Every leader that is part of The Core has donated a minimum of $100 if not more

All members of the core have the voting capabilities for the future of the guild (meaning when a decision for the guild comes up you will be included in the vote to decide what we do)

The Core

Rank 5 - Baron

Can now bring a person up to vote for kicking

Is the highest rank attainable in the guild

Rank 6 - Duke

Has final decision making power on kicking

My number 1 and 2. If one leaves the next leader will be pulled from the Rank 5s

Rank 7 - Lord

Guild leader, unless I die or injured in the extreme I won't be going anywhere

For every two weeks that you are inactive you will be demoted one rank until you are a ejected from the guild.

Any questions, comments, concerns. Please ask any leader that's available, or send me a message and I'll get back to it as soon as I can.

Again welcome to the Stalwart Brotherhood![edit | edit source]