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Spycatcher Westband

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Spycatcher Westband
Faction: Neverwinter
Race: Human
Spycatcher Westband.png

Spycatcher Westband is an NPC who can be found just outside Broken Crown Inn in Blackdagger Ruins. He hosts the Spy Catcher event.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Spycatcher Westband
The name's Westband. Neverwinter's sent me to combat the Blackdagger Bandits' spies. It's a big job, and I could use some help. In fact, I've got a little contest going to make it worth your time. Just ask me about it if you want to know more.

Tell me about the Spy Catching Contest.
Spycatcher Westband
Once the Spy Catching contest starts, scour the woods for Bandit Spies. Don't kill 'em, just try to catch them. They'll make a break for it, so you'll have to run them down before they get away.

Get whatever information they have, then return to me to claim your reward. Easy.