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Spinward Rise Scrying Stones Map

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These Scrying Stones all require some form of jumping puzzle. The first two start from a gliding tower, and their destinations are part of one of the vigilance tasks in the area. The third is slightly less obvious, with small stones sticking out of the wall on the side of the tower which the Scrying Stone is on top of. Click the images below for the full-size version.

Location Map Screenshot
Stratos Tower

Next to the destination for the Avia Landing: Tome of Air quest

Spinward-map1.jpg Spinward-ss1.jpg
Windcall Temple

Next to the destination for the Windcall Temple: Greater Tome of Air quest

Spinward-map2.jpg Spinward-ss2.jpg
Nimbus Court

Northeast of the starting point for the jumping puzzle in Thunderhead Reach: Grand Tome of Air

Spinward-map3.jpg Spinward-ss3.jpg