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Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Profession Asset
Tag: Weaponsmithing
Rank 1
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Quality: Common
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Sell value: Copper8
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Crafting Follower Weaponsmithing Weaponsmither T1 01.png

Smelters are Weaponsmithing Profession Assets that can be hired to perform various tasks from levels 1-6 in order to raise the character's Weaponsmithing level and produce weapons for the Great Weapon Fighter, Guardian Fighter, and Trickster Rogue. They can also be added to certain tasks that offer optional Person asset slots in order to reduce the completion time for those tasks.

Recruiting the first Smelter takes 5 seconds. At Weaponsmithing level 2, additional Smelters can be hired by completing a task, each taking 18 hours. At level 7, 4x Smelters can be upgraded to 1x Crafting Follower Weaponsmithing Weaponsmither T2 01.png[Grinder], which is needed for Weaponsmithing tasks at higher levels.

Higher tiered personnel, such as the Crafting Follower Weaponsmithing Weaponsmither T2 01.png[Grinder] and the Crafting Follower Weaponsmithing Weaponsmither T3 01.png[Assistant Weaponsmith] can be used instead of Smelters for tasks that call for them.

Smelters may be traded between players and bought or sold on the Tarmalune Auction House.



Bonus: +5% Speed (in Optional Slot)

An asset used in common crafting tasks. Can be rewarded by tasks.

Weaponsmithing, Person, Rank 1
No Level Requirement