Sky Lantern

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Event Winter Lantern.png
Sky Lantern
Type: Consumable
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Quality: Common
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Use: Release a delicate paper lantern into the sky.
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Sale value: Copper8
Buy value: Light of Simril30
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Event Winter Lantern.png

The Sky Lantern is a consumable reward from the Winter Festival. It can be bought for Light of Simril30 at the Simril Store located in Twilight Tor during the Winter Festival.

This summoned lantern lasts and can be seen flying upwards for about 20-30 seconds. The flight-pattern is unknown, but is a beautiful sight!

Tooltip[edit source]

Sky Lantern
Recharge Time: 1s

Use: Release a delicate paper lantern into the sky.

Celebrate the Winter Festival with these delicate paper lanterns in honor of the Lights of Simril.

No Level Requirement

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