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Siege of Neverwinter

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Siege of Neverwinter
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The Siege of Neverwinter is a calendar event that has run five times.

First run ran from September 18th, 2014 to September 25th, 2014.
Second run ran from January 15th, 2015 to January 22nd, 2015
Third run ran from May 12, 2016 to May 26, 2016. (Added [Neverwinter Champion's Charger], [Quartermaster's Enchantment, Rank 5], and Stronghold Vouchers)
Fourth run ran from January 19, 2017 to February 2, 2017
Fifth run ran from May 25, 2017 to June 8, 2017 (Added [Siegebreaker Griffon])
Siege of Neverwinter
The Cult of the Dragon is sieging Neverwinter!

The Cult of the Dragon has amassed a vast army to conquer Neverwinter. The City's outer wall has been breached, and now Neverwinter's beleaguered defenders must stand against a horde of fanatics. In this dark hour, the people of Neverwinter need their heroes more than ever.

To participate in this event, travel to the Siege Battlefield from any over world map.

The Protector has authorized special rewards for those heroes who aid the city in this dark hour. Earn Dragon Hoard Coins[Dragon Hoard Coins], [Dragon Hoard Coffer]s and other Tyranny of Dragons currencies by participating in this event as well as special items including:

These rewards will only be available while the siege persists, so join the battle as soon as you can!

Event Currencies[edit | edit source]

Event Store[edit | edit source]

Commendations[edit | edit source]

Item Price
[Champion's Banner] 14 Writ of Commendation
[Siegebreaker Griffon] 14 Writ of Commendation
[Neverwinter Champion's Charger] 10 Writ of Commendation
[Neverember Guard Archer][1] 5 Writ of Commendation
[Battlefield Medic's Ensemble] 2 Writ of Commendation
[Bag of Cult Trophies] 1 Writ of Commendation
[Bag of Insignia] 1 Writ of Commendation
[Neverwintan Defender's Pack] 7 Medal of Heroism
[Battlefield Scavenger's Pack] 4 Medal of Heroism
[Stronghold Support Reward] 2 Medal of Heroism
  1. The Neverember Guard Archer binds on pickup when purchased from the event store.

Cult Bounty[edit | edit source]

Item Price
[Champion's Battle Horn] 1,000 Dragon Cult Insignia
[Injured Survivor's Outfit] 500 Dragon Cult Insignia
[Veteran Dye Pack] 300 Dragon Cult Insignia
[Dragonslayer's Dye Pack] 200 Dragon Cult Insignia
[Cart] 200 Dragon Cult Insignia
[Lesser Black Dragon Glyph] 200 Dragon Cult Insignia
[Lesser Blue Dragon Glyph] 200 Dragon Cult Insignia
[Lesser Red Dragon Glyph] 200 Dragon Cult Insignia
[Lesser Green Dragon Glyph] 200 Dragon Cult Insignia
[Lesser White Dragon Glyph] 200 Dragon Cult Insignia
[Draconic Enchantment, Rank 5] 60 Dragon Cult Insignia
[Quartermaster's Enchantment, Rank 5] 60 Dragon Cult Insignia

Quests[edit | edit source]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

The Siege Defense Effort is a special profession through which players can obtain [Defense Supplies].

Players can donate [Defense Supplies] to the Defense Supply Master in Protector's Enclave.

  • Donating 1 supply awards 6Dragon Cult Insignia.
  • Donating 6 supplies awards 1Medal of Heroism and 20Dragon Cult Insignia.
  • Donating 12 supplies awards 2Medal of Heroism and 50Dragon Cult Insignia.

Unlike other blue (daily) quests, this quest can be completed infinite times, with no daily timer. So it's best to always save up 12 supplies before turning them in.

Siege Battlefield[edit | edit source]

Siege Battlefield map

The Siege Battlefield is a special adventure zone for the event. It features a variety of heroic encounters unique to the event.

Rewards from these heroic encounters include:

And rarely one of the following:

Like other Heroic encounters, the ones found here feature 3 different reward tiers depending on your overall contribution - uncommon, rare and epic. Your tier will determine how many insignias you get, and grant a higher chance at the rare items (though even a "Great Success - purple tier" reward won't guarantee any drop aside from the insignias.

After Completing the quest "A Pledge of Support", enemies defeated on the Siege Battlefield can randomly drop Vouchers for donating to the Stronghold Coffer.

Heroic Encounters[edit | edit source]

Icon Encounter Type
Tracker Icon Hotspot Siegecounterattack.png Counter-Attack! Major
Tracker Icon Hotspot Siegecultassault.png Cult Assault Major
Tracker Icon Hotspot Siegecultcatapult.png Cult Catapults Major
Tracker Icon Hotspot Siegecultinvasion.png Cult Invasion Major
Tracker Icon Hotspot Siegedraconicadvisor.png Draconic Advisor Epic
Tracker Icon Hotspot Siegedragonattack.png Dragon Attack! Epic

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