Shocktroop Devil

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Shocktroop Devil
Type: Solo
Faction: Ashmadai
Race: Devil
Class: Brute
Level(s): 31
Shocktroop Devil
These imposing heavily armored devils are the soldiers and bodyguards of the infernal armies, and the ground trembles with each of their steps. They use hell-forged weapons and armor to deal death quickly to their foes. Compared to other Devils they are rather unsubtle, with a tendency for direct brutality and an insatiable bloodlust.

Damage Type[edit | edit source]

Name Type Normal DMG Epic DMG
Devil Swing Physical 2000-2200
Shield Slam Physical 2600-2800
Flame Breath Physical, Fire 500-700
Earthbreaker Physical 4500-6000

Locations[edit | edit source]