Shard of the Endless Avalanche (CW)/Tooltip

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Shard of the Endless Avalanche
30' range
10' Cylinder
20s cooldown
Arcane Damage

You conjure a boulder from the Elemental Chaos, and then use the followup power to hurl the boulder though your enemies, Knocking them Prone. Standing near the boulder will slowly build Arcane Mastery stacks.

Eventually after being created, shortly after being hurled, or after impacting two enemies, the boulder will shatter, dealing more damage than normal and Knocking back nearby enemies, leaving them Prone.

Spell Mastery: The Shard can now be dropped at target location, and will knock Prone targets it lands on. Once summoned, instead of pushing away from you, you can now propel it towards a target location.

Rank 2
Damage: +10%

Rank 3

Damage: +10%

Rank 4

Damage: +10%