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Shard of Valindra's Crown/Tooltip

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Shard of Valindra's Crown
Item Level: 150
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip

Icon Inventory Artifacts Shardofvalindrascrown Tooltip.png

Rank: 140 (maximum)

A token taken from the defeated lich, Valindra. Her rage echoes within the shard, and that hate can be directed with powerful results.

Recharge Time: 60s

+999 Power
+999 Critical Avoidance
+2.5% Control Bonus
Use: The Hand of Valindra swipes twice for 4,961 damage each, and knocks targets back on the second hit.

While casting, you are immune to damage and can not be controlled.

Part of set Valindra set (0/3)
Amulet of Valindra's Favor
Belt of Valindra's Guard
Shard of Valindra's Crown
3 of Set:
Increases Control Bonus by 10% and Control Resist by 15%.

Artifact of Power
No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Refinement Points150,024