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Scrying Stone

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Scrying Stones are spots that show a cutscene overview of the area they are in. They need to be found for the achievements in the exploration section.

Camera Position Coordinates[edit | edit source]

The camera positions in braces can be used to pinpoint the locations on the map. Use the chat-command "/ShowCamPos 1" to turn on the coordinate display. The coordinates will be displayed on the top-right side of the screen as white numbers. The coordinates (x,y) correspond to the line "x ? y" (the middle number is not important). To turn off the coordinate display use the chat-command "/ShowCamPos 0".

Areas With Scrying Stone Achievements[edit | edit source]

Protector's Enclave[edit | edit source]

See Protector's Enclave Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Hall of Justice: south from the guild registrar at (1062, 924)
  • Protector's Enclave: north from Sgt. Knox and up some stairs at (1071, 1284)
  • Moonstone Mask: on the left side of the Moonstone Mask (follow the wall) at (-140, 707)

Blacklake District[edit | edit source]

See Blacklake District Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Blacklake: behind a row boat in the water/sludge at location (261, 1988)
  • Lakeside: in the bend of the city wall near the Nasher warehouse (off to the side behind a tree) at (518, 1590)
  • The Tatters: between a wall and a tree near the water at (783, 2250)

Tower District[edit | edit source]

See Tower District Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Fallen Tower Tavern: by the first quest giver, up on the side of the tower at (290,1195)
  • Merchant Square: behind the Merchant Guild Hall in a broken down building at (735, 1115)
  • The Cloak Tower: behind a totem upon some rocks before you get to the stairs to the tower at (1294, 392)

Blackdagger Ruins[edit | edit source]

See Blackdagger Ruins Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Broken Crown Inn: behind the inn at the far side of the pond near the rocks at (730, 160)
  • Raven Cliff Beach: above the cave in the southern-most part of the beach at (-600, 110)
  • Cragmire Keep: Off the edge of the cliff in front of the stairs at (510, 1306)

Neverdeath Graveyard[edit | edit source]

See Neverdeath Graveyard Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Craftman's Rest: On a flat area behind the left (north) row of statues at (659, 57)
  • Graveyard of Neverdeath: Hidden by tree on stone ledge near campfire at (142, -496)
  • Pauper's Field: On top of a rock outcropping while crossing bridges near bottom left corner of map at (-344, -265)

Helm's Hold[edit | edit source]

See Helm's Hold Scrying Stones Map for Screenshots.
  • Reflecting Pool: On the top of a tall rock at (1799, 658)
  • The Watcher's Forest: On the rocks above the campfire at (1210, 1849)
  • Helm's Hold Keep: On the roof of a building in Scar Alley at (876, 1717)

Ebon Downs[edit | edit source]

See Ebon Downs Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Village of Grimhollow: Near a large tree and rock wall formation on the shoreline of dry riverbed at (300, 1663)
  • Temple of Kelemvor: In the water under the bridge at (959, 1434)
  • The Royal Rise: on a small ledge next to a large tree just before the entrance to the "Barrow of the Widowmaker" quest at (1352, 1002)- can be seen while travelling the path

Vellosk[edit | edit source]

See Vellosk Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Thunder Ridge: Just behind a tree next to the road (3098, 2193)
  • The Gray Wolf Den: Near the Hunter's Path road on the right just after passing 2 stone pillars (2842, 1834)
  • Elder Rock: Behind brushes, left on a stair leading to the old stone area (2669, 3294)

Pirate's Skyhold[edit | edit source]

See Pirate's Skyhold Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • The Wreck: On top of a rock overlooking the southern cliffs. (921, 1655)
  • Skull Fortress: On the edge of a cliff in eastern Sinking Town, near a waterfall. (2199, 1903)
  • Skyship Docks: Behind the house next to the second ballista. (3225, 2060)

Icespire Peak[edit | edit source]

See Icespire Peak Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Icespire Peak: Atop a pile of scaffolding near the east wall of Prospector Ridge (2135, 760)
  • Fallen Axe Bridge: Among the rocks just off the edge of the path (2651, 3030)
  • Lakkar's Folly: In the corner of the upper level, next to a wall and some frozen bodies (2119, 3673)
    • Note: The coordinates system is skewed when you are below the fallen axe bridge, showing 2119, 3673 as off the edge of the path leading up to the top. Set your special waypoint to approximately 2330, 4010 if you are below the fallen axe bridge. 2119, 3673 will be correct once you are above the fallen axe bridge.

The Chasm[edit | edit source]

See The Chasm Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Field of Nightmares: On a ledge outside the northeast corner of Fort Precipice (-13069, -1124)
  • Cathedral of Madness: In The Unhallowed Grounds, on top of a tall rock inside a ruined building, tricky jumps required to reach it (-19, 689)
  • Twisted Fane: Up in the rocks at the west edge of the path in the Crystal Caves (via The Unhallowed Grounds) (13359, -1810)

Rothé Valley[edit | edit source]

See Rothé Valley Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Rothé Farms: On a ledge partway up the cliff (607, 1870)
  • Slave Camp: On a high rock outcrop above the roof, climb up the rocks at 450, 1790 to get there (491, 1676)
  • New Xorlarrin: At the end of the river (424, 450)

Mount Hotenow[edit | edit source]

See Mount Hotenow Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Hotenow's Shattered Peak: On a ledge beneath the outcrop, just next to the lava (2525, 1333)
  • Fireguard Fortress: On a ledge below the west side of the bridge (753, 1583)
  • Hotenow Caldera: On a ledge in the cliff, jump down from above to reach it (1168, 966)

Whispering Caverns[edit | edit source]

See Whispering Cavern Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Zesranea: Next to the wall, behind a pillar (471, 460)
  • Steelshear Mines: On a wooden platform above the path (1205, 1048)
  • The Dread Vault: Inside the top of a stepped cube (5865, 1372)
    • Note: This is in a separate area, accessed via a door found at (2015, 1178).

Gauntlgrym[edit | edit source]

See Gauntlgrym Scrying Stone Map for screenshots.
  • Gauntlgrym Ruins East: The second Stairs on the right side, to the Big Blacksmith. (1524, 1633) (519,422 on Luscan Corsair map)
  • The Great Hall: Just north of the center of the map (1276, 1185) (765,862 on Luscan Corsair map)
  • The Pumps: On a ledge overlooking the pumps (1582,605) (469,1444 on Luscan Corsair map)

Sharandar[edit | edit source]

See Sharandar Scrying Stone Map for screenshots.
  • New Sharandar: On the left as you descend the stairs to New Sharandar. (2811,993)
  • Heart of the Grove: On the left at the end of the western bridge from the central hub, heading into Deep Blight.(1415,854)
  • Realm of Malabog: On the far right from Malabog's Castle entrance in Barbican Ruins (901,3457)

Dread Ring[edit | edit source]

See Dread Ring Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • The Dread Spire: On a cliff beneath an overhang east of the Forward Camp. On the outskirts of the camp itself. (2518, 1969)
  • Skull of Lorragauth: On top of a wall in the Path of Torment. (2581, 2482)
  • The Excavation: On top of a platform in the Rib Cage, requires multiple jumps across platforms. (2016, 2895)

Icewind Pass[edit | edit source]

See Icewind Pass Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Ebonfrost Scree: On a glacier (1617, 644)
  • Kelvin's Cairn: In the cave in Biggrin's Rest (173, 492)
  • Icewind Pass: Atop a hill above a cave in Dinneshere Shelf (2109, -574)

Dwarven Valley[edit | edit source]

See Dwarven Valley Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Daledrop Vale: Turn right outside of travel gate. On top mountain (777, 2733)
  • Haftwood: On the pvp border on top a hill. (305, 1014)
  • Bruenor's Climb: On top of the mine entrance. Take steps up up up. When steps go left you go right. (1757, 1179)

Well of Dragons[edit | edit source]

See Well of Dragons Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Drake Training Area: (-613, 188) Part way up a rock cliff.
  • Cult of the Dragon Camp: (558, 25) Just past wooden bridge, on top of large rock formation.
  • The Boneyard: (261, 323) High atop a gigantic rib.

Drowned Shore[edit | edit source]

See Drowned Shore Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • The Mine: (-199,1259)
  • Blackdagger Keep: Go across the broken bridge, and up the levels before entering the keep (645,2046)
  • The Fountain of Delights: On top of the hill, behind the ruined building, overlooking Raven Cliff Beach (-736,462)

Reclamation Rock[edit | edit source]

See Reclamation Rock Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Helm's Hold: (1310, 1101)
  • Reclamation Rock: (866, 1053)
  • Memorial Hills: (454, 1311)

Fiery Pit[edit | edit source]

See Fiery Pit Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Fire Beacon:(1160,262)
  • The Mushroom Fields:(975,1590)
  • The Merchant District:(333, 945)

Spinward Rise[edit | edit source]

See Spinward Rise Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Stratos Tower: (1217, 1165) Avia Landing: Tome of Air quest. Find a gliding tower to move on earth motes
  • Windcall Temple: (1185, 2760) Avia Landing: Tome of Air quest. Find a gliding tower to move on earth motes
  • Nimbus Court: (-256, 1930) Beneath floating island motes on lone pillar (at -259, 1925). Use stones jutting from tower to reach orb.

Mantol-Derith[edit | edit source]

See Mantol-Derith Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • The Darklake: (920, 195) Left side of the dock leading out to the lake.
  • Mantol-Derith Docks: (399, -13) Entering Mantol-Derith, after the first set of stairs. To the left is a group of guards on a dock overlooking the lake; on the back-right side of the dock.
  • Abyssal Grotto: (844, 430) Top of the small hill in front of The Hunt For Demogorgon entrance.

Bryn Shander[edit | edit source]

See Bryn Shander Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Blast Epicenter: (1340, 2302) On top of the fortress wall by the entrance, left side.
  • Bryn Shander Outskirts: (1017, 2019) Atop some rocks not far off from the fortress wall.
  • Knucklehead Camp: (1377, 1068) Broken construction near the Knucklehead camp.

Lonelywood[edit | edit source]

See Lonelywood Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Lonelywood: (1232, 1598) Within the forest cloaked by branches a nearby bush.
  • Bryn Shander Tail: (2132, 720) Near the Bryn Shander Trail on the border between green and snow
  • Shrine of Mielikki: (2225, 2628) On the cliffs, above the Delerict Farm

Cold Run[edit | edit source]

See Cold Run Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.

  • Storvald's Breach: (1967, 2999) Near the ship which holds the Heroic Encounter "Boarding Party", atop a small rocky mountain.
  • Hjolmur Falls: (1339, 1292) To the right of the Calder's Creek marker, on the side of the mountain/cliff.
  • The Bitter Shore: (377, 1927) To the right of the Dead Man's Point marker, inside a crevice facing the ships.

Sea of Moving Ice[edit | edit source]

See Sea of Moving Ice Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.

  • Elk Tribe Enclave: (3760, -705) Behind the huts where the Elk Tribe Fishmonger is.
  • Great White Bear: (2072, 56) Inside a slight crevice on the South side.
  • Annam's Crown: (6444, 2340) On the East peninsula of Annam's Crown map marker, under a high up cliff.

River District[edit | edit source]

See River District Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.

  • The Tainted Grove: (671, -396) Near dig site Thacier.
  • Ember Hollow: (182, -1169) just east of a tunnel, go in a broken building and around a wall
  • Realm's Edge: (802, -996) northwest of dig site Shoce, in an alley between buildings

Barovia[edit | edit source]

See Barovia Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.

  • Village of Barovia: Located in the town up on the roofs, this one requires some jumping. Start at (1447, 1396) and jump up onto the roof. You then need to move North along the rooftops. Make sure you're on your mount for the first jump from the house you initially climb up and the next one north. It's a complicated jump, and will take some practice. The game has a difficult time registering your jump sometimes and will instead just have you walk off the roof. Staying on the flat surface at the top of the first roof and trying to jump laterally onto the next roof, seems to work best. Then, head east, jumping up onto the tower shaped part of the roof. Then south again when you've made your way around, jumping from roof to roof. The scrying stone is located in a balcony you need to jump to at coordinates (1686, 1379)
    • See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9EOSuIj77w for video (copy & paste for video)
  • Howling Hills: (507, 348) Start at (382, 532) and jump up the side of the cliff.
  • Ruins of Berez: This one is located at (2040, 734) and you need to drop down onto it from up above.

Aquisitions Incorporated[edit | edit source]

  • On the table on the upper level, above Jim Darkmagic (552, 449)
  • On the top shelf of the bookshelf in the break area, downstairs (589, 485)
  • Downstairs, on top of the pile of crates on the left at the bottom of the stairs (597, 439)

Undermountain[edit | edit source]

There are 16 scrying stones in Undermountain. Undermountain consist of seven areas:

  • Yawning Portal
  • Catacombs
  • Twisted Caverns
  • Wyllowwood
  • Terminus
  • Vanrakdoom
  • Stardock

Vallenhas[edit | edit source]

There are three scrying orbs in Vallenhas

Avernus[edit | edit source]

There are four scrying orbs in Avernus. See Avernus Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.

  • Wasteland (3835, 2069)
  • Haruman's Hill (505, 3481)
  • The Scab (1080, 1268)
  • Styxian Dock (3333, 1111)