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Scrying Stones are spots that show a cutscene overview of the area they are in. They need to be found for the achievements in the exploration section.

Camera Position Coordinates[edit | edit source]

The camera positions in braces can be used to pinpoint the locations on the map. Use the chat-command "/ShowCamPos 1" to turn on the coordinate display. The coordinates will be displayed on the top-right side of the screen as white numbers. The coordinates (x,y) correspond to the line "x ? y" (the middle number is not important). To turn off the coordinate display use the chat-command "/ShowCamPos 0".

Areas With Scrying Stone Achievements[edit | edit source]

Protector's Enclave[edit | edit source]

See Protector's Enclave Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Hall of Justice: south from the guild registrar at (1062, 924)
  • Protector's Enclave: north from Sgt. Knox and up some stairs at (1071, 1284)
  • Moonstone Mask: on the left side of the Moonstone Mask (follow the wall) at (-140, 707)

Blacklake District[edit | edit source]

See Blacklake District Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Blacklake: behind a row boat in the water/sludge at location (261, 1988)
  • Lakeside: in the bend of the city wall near the Nasher warehouse (off to the side behind a tree) at (518, 1590)
  • The Tatters: between a wall and a tree near the water at (783, 2250)

Tower District[edit | edit source]

See Tower District Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Fallen Tower Tavern: by the first quest giver, up on the side of the tower at (290,1195)
  • Merchant Square: behind the Merchant Guild Hall in a broken down building at (735, 1115)
  • The Cloak Tower: behind a totem upon some rocks before you get to the stairs to the tower at (1294, 392)

Blackdagger Ruins[edit | edit source]

See Blackdagger Ruins Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Broken Crown Inn: behind the inn at the far side of the pond near the rocks at (730, 160)
  • Raven Cliff Beach: above the cave in the southern-most part of the beach at (-600, 110)
  • Cragmire Keep: Off the edge of the cliff in front of the stairs at (510, 1306)

Neverdeath Graveyard[edit | edit source]

See Neverdeath Graveyard Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Craftman's Rest: On a flat area behind the left (north) row of statues at (659, 57)
  • Graveyard of Neverdeath: Hidden by tree on stone ledge near campfire at (142, -496)
  • Pauper's Field: On top of a rock outcropping while crossing bridges near bottom left corner of map at (-344, -265)

Helm's Hold[edit | edit source]

See Helm's Hold Scrying Stones Map for Screenshots.
  • Reflecting Pool: On the top of a tall rock at (1799, 658)
  • The Watcher's Forest: On the rocks above the campfire at (1210, 1849)
  • Helm's Hold Keep: On the roof of a building in Scar Alley at (876, 1717)

Ebon Downs[edit | edit source]

See Ebon Downs Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Village of Grimhollow: Near a large tree and rock wall formation on the shoreline of dry riverbed at (300, 1663)
  • Temple of Kelemvor: In the water under the bridge at (959, 1434)
  • The Royal Rise: on a small ledge next to a large tree just before the entrance to the "Barrow of the Voidwalker" quest at (1352, 1002)- can be seen while traveling the path

Vellosk[edit | edit source]

See Vellosk Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Thunder Ridge: Just behind a tree next to the road (3093, 2199)
  • The Gray Wolf Den: Near the Hunter's Path road on the right just after passing 2 stone pillars (2840, 1832)
  • Elder Rock: Behind brushes, left on a stair leading to the old stone area (2668, 3293)

Pirate's Skyhold[edit | edit source]

See Pirate's Skyhold Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • The Wreck: On top of a rock overlooking the southern cliffs. (921, 1655)
  • Skull Fortress: On the edge of a cliff in eastern Sinking Town, near a waterfall. (2199, 1903)
  • Skyship Docks: Behind the house next to the second ballista. (3225, 2060)

Icespire Peak[edit | edit source]

See Icespire Peak Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Icespire Peak: Atop a pile of scaffolding near the east wall of Prospector Ridge (2135, 760)
  • Fallen Axe Bridge: Among the rocks just off the edge of the path (2651, 3030)
  • Lakkar's Folly: In the corner of the upper level, next to a wall and some frozen bodies (2119, 3673)

The Chasm[edit | edit source]

See The Chasm Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Field of Nightmares: On a ledge outside the northeast corner of Fort Precipice (-13069, -1124)
  • Cathedral of Madness: In The Unhallowed Grounds, on top of a tall rock inside a ruined building, tricky jumps required to reach it (-19, 689)
  • Twisted Fane: Up in the rocks at the west edge of the path in the Crystal Caves (via The Unhallowed Grounds) (13359, -1810)

Rothé Valley[edit | edit source]

See Rothé Valley Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Rothé Farms: On a ledge partway up the cliff (607, 1870)
  • Slave Camp: On a high rock outcrop above the roof, climb up the rocks at 450, 1790 to get there (491, 1676)
  • New Xorlarrin: At the end of the river (424, 450)

Mount Hotenow[edit | edit source]

See Mount Hotenow Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Hotenow's Shattered Peak: On a ledge beneath the outcrop, just next to the lava (2525, 1333)
  • Fireguard Fortress: On a ledge below the west side of the bridge (753, 1583)
  • Hotenow Caldera: On a ledge in the cliff, jump down from above to reach it (1168, 966)

Whispering Caverns[edit | edit source]

See Whispering Cavern Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Zesranea: Next to the wall, behind a pillar (471, 460)
  • Steelshear Mines: On a wooden platform above the path (1205, 1048)
  • The Sept: Inside the top of a stepped cube (5865, 1372)

Gauntlgrym[edit | edit source]

See Gauntlgrym Scrying Stone Map for screenshots.
  • Gauntlgrym Ruins East: The second Stairs on the right side, to the Big Blacksmith. (1524, 1633) (519,422 on Luscan Corsair map)
  • The Great Hall: Just north of the center of the map (1276, 1185) (765,862 on Luscan Corsair map)
  • The Pumps: On a ledge overlooking the pumps (1582,605) (469,1444 on Luscan Corsair map)

Sharandar[edit | edit source]

See Sharandar Scrying Stone Map for screenshots.
  • New Sharandar: On the left as you descend the stairs to New Sharandar. (2811,993)
  • Heart of the Grove: On the left at the end of the western bridge from the central hub, heading into Deep Blight.(1415,854)
  • Realm of Malabog: On the far right from Malabog's Castle entrance in Barbican Ruins (901,3457)

Dread Ring[edit | edit source]

See Dread Ring Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • The Dread Spire: On a cliff beneath an overhang east of the Forward Camp. (2521, 1969)
  • Skull of Lorragauth: On top of a wall in the Path of Torment. (2581, 2482)
  • The Excavation: On top of a platform in the Rib Cage, requires multiple jumps across platforms. (2016, 2895)

Icewind Pass[edit | edit source]

See Icewind Pass Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Ebonfrost Scree: On a glacier (1617, 644)
  • Kelvin's Cairn: In the cave in Biggrin's Rest (173, 492)
  • Icewind Pass: Atop a hill above a cave in Dinneshere Shelf (2111, -571)

Dwarven Valley[edit | edit source]

See Dwarven Valley Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Daledrop Vale: Turn right outside of travel gate. On top mountain (777, 2733)
  • Haftwood: On the pvp border on top a hill. (305, 1014)
  • Bruenor's Climb: On top of the mine entrance. Take steps up up up. When steps go left you go right. (1757, 1179)

Well of Dragons[edit | edit source]

See Well of Dragons Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Drake Training Area: (-613, 188)
  • Cult of the Dragon Camp: Just pass wooden bridge, on top of large rock formation (558, 25)
  • The Boneyard: High atop a gigantic rib (261, 323)

Drowned Shore[edit | edit source]

See Drowned Shore Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • The Mine: (-199,1259)
  • Blackdagger Keep: (645,2059)
  • The Fountain of Delights: (-736,462)

Reclamation Rock[edit | edit source]

See Reclamation Rock Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Helm's Hold: (1310, 1101)
  • Reclamation Rock: (866, 1053)
  • Memorial Hills: (454, 1311)

Fiery Pit[edit | edit source]

See Fiery Pit Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Fire Beacon:(1160,262)
  • The Mushroom Fields:(975,1590)
  • The Merchant District:(333, 945)

Spinward Rise[edit | edit source]

See Spinward Rise Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Stratos Tower: (1217, 1165) Avia Landing: Tome of Air quest. Find a gliding tower to move on earth motes
  • Windcall Temple: Avia Landing: Tome of Air quest. Find a gliding tower to move on earth motes
  • Nimbus Court: (-256, 1930) Beneath floating island motes on lone pillar. Use stones jutting from tower to reach orb.

Mantol-Derith[edit | edit source]

See Mantol-Derith Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • The Darklake: (920, 195) Left side of the dock leading out to the lake.
  • Mantol-Derith Docks: (399, -13) Entering Mantol-Derith, after the first set of stairs. To the left is a group of guards on a dock overlooking the lake; on the back-right side of the dock.
  • Abyssal Grotto: (844, 430) Top of the small hill in front of The Hunt For Demogorgon entrance.

Bryn Shander[edit | edit source]

See Bryn Shander Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Blast Epicenter: (1340, 2302) On top of the fortress wall by the entrance, left side.
  • Bryn Shander Outskirts: (1017, 2019) Atop some rocks not far off from the fortress wall.
  • Knucklehead Camp: (1377, 1068) Broken construction near the Knucklehead camp.

Lonelywood[edit | edit source]

See Lonelywood Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.
  • Lonelywood: (1232, 1598) Within the forest cloaked by branches a nearby bush.
  • Bryn Shander Tail: (2132, 720) Near the Bryn Shander Trail on the border between green and snow
  • Shrine of Mielikki: (2225, 2628) On the cliffs, above the Delerict Farm

Cold Run[edit | edit source]

See Cold Run Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.

  • Storvald's Breach: (1967, 2999) Near the ship which holds the Heroic Encounter "Boarding Party", atop a small rocky mountain.
  • Hjolmur Falls: (1339, 1292) To the right of the Calder's Creek marker, on the side of the mountain/cliff.
  • The Bitter Shore: (377, 1927) To the right of the Dead Man's Point marker, inside a crevice facing the ships.

Sea of Moving Ice[edit | edit source]

See Sea of Moving Ice Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.

  • Elk Tribe Enclave: (3760, -705) Behind the huts where the Elk Tribe Fishmonger is.
  • Great White Bear: (2072, 56) Inside a slight crevice on the South side.
  • Annam's Crown: (6444, 2340) On the East peninsula of Annam's Crown map marker, under a high up cliff.

River District[edit | edit source]

See River District Scrying Stones Map for screenshots.

  • The Tainted Grove: (671, -396) Near dig site Thacier.
  • Ember Hollow: (182, -1169) just east of a tunnel, go in a broken building and around a wall
  • Realm's Edge: (802, -996) northwest of dig site Shoce, in an alley between buildings