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Scroll of Fate: Armor Penetration

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Scroll of Fate: Armor Penetration
Module: Maybe earlier than module 16
Category: Scroll
Tag: Consumable
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Quality: Uncommon
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Use: +245 Armor Penetration
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Sell value: Copper28
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Event Winter Fortune Buff.png

The Scroll of Fate: Armor Penetration is gained when a Event Winter Fortune General 01.png[Mysterious Fortune] is used and the fortune "Armor is No Protection" is randomly determined.


Scroll of Fate: Armor Penetration

Use: +245 Armor Penetration

Scrolls of Fate can be acquired from the astrologers of Twilight Tor during the Winter Festival. Open this scroll to learn what fortune has in store.

The astrologers of Twilight Tor say a hero's fate can be read in the stars. Many seek out these predictions to help guide their decisions in trying times.

Only one Event Item can be in effect at a time.

No Level Requirement