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Sash of Embellishments/Tooltip

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Sash of Embellishments
Item Level: 980
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

Icon Inventory Artifacts Tales Tooltip.png

Artifact Equipment
Rank: 1 (maximum)

This sash is enchanted from one of the sashes many in Neverwinter sported after the defeat of Tiamat.

+784 Combined Rating
+37,632 Maximum Hit Points

+1,305 Armor Penetration
+1,309 Accuracy
+1,305 Combat Advantage
+1 STR
+1 DEX
+1 CON
+1 INT
+1 WIS
+1 CHA

Utility Slot: Empty
Defence Slot: Empty

Part of set Tales Set (0/3)
Scarf of Embellishments
Sash of Embellishments
Any Storyteller's Journal
2 of Set:
Increases all attributes by 1.
3 of Set:
Your powers have a chance to deal additional unresistable damage equal to 10% of your weapon damage.

Requires Level: 70
Gold3 Silver20 Copper86
Refinement Points47