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Sandesyl Morgia

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Sandesyl Morgia
Faction: Cult of the Dragon
Race: Vampire

Sandesyl Morgia is an NPC in the Well of Dragons. She plays a role in the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign. Even though she is actually a member of the Cult of the Dragon, she opposes their plans to summon Tiamat, so she will help the player.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Lore: Cult Schism
Excerpt from book found in the Cult Prison in the Well of Dragons.

Originally, the Cult of the Dragon envisioned a new world ruled over by dracoliches which the cultist would create through their dracolich creation ritual. Now that doctrine has been overturned by Severin, who believes the old prophecies were misinterpreted. Severin believes a new dragon empire would come about ruled by living dragons and their cultist servants.

The effectiveness of Severin's vision, aided by Tiamat's dragon masks, has caused many to flock to the new doctrine. However, there are some who still cling to Sammaster's ways and fight against the new upstarts at every opportunity.
– Source: Quest Sacrificial Victims