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Sahha Ticket-Ball/Tooltip

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Sahha Ticket-Ball
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

Recharge Time: 1

Use: Start a cooperative game of sahha with your party members. You have 0 volleys this year. Accumulate volleys with your party for better rewards. Visit the Ticket Exchange at the Summer Festival for details.

This pack may contain:
Fireblossom Petals
Copper Tickets
Silver Tickets After 150 volleys
Mithral Tickets After 300 volleys

Spend copper tickets on:

Favors of Sune
Sahha Techniques
Tropical Fashion

Spend silver tickets on:

Preservation Wards
Rare Insignias
Rank 7 Enchants
Stronghold Resources

Spend mithral tickets on a chance at:

Forgehammer of Gond Artifact
Giant Beetle Mount
Tenser's Floating Disk Mount
And many more highly sought after treasures.

Having taken Amn by storm, sahha has come to Neverwinter's Midsummer Festival in a big way. This ball has been enchanted by Sunite priests to give out tickets and other prizes.

Ticket-balls may not be used on the sahha pitch.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell